Get No Motor Running: How Two Motorless Xebex Treadmills Make Short Work of HIIT.

In this three-part series, we’ll examine how Xebex Fitness is staking its claim as a leading manufacturer of quality cross-training and HIIT equipment – and how three Xebex products are backing that claim with some fantastic goal-achieving features.


PART 3: Smart Connect, the Sweet Spot, and the Xebex Runner and AirPlus Runner

Xebex Fitness has been on a 30-plus-year mission to reach a point when it could confidently post the status of “The Best Cross Training HIIT Brand ”on its website. Thanks to equipment and features built with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and cross-training in mind. Xebex customers can now count on equipment that meets the high standard to which the company has aspired. They can sit down on an Air Rower 2.0 or Air Bike AB-1 and know they’re in for cross-training benefits like body-toning, targeted muscle development and improved cardio. They can easily reap HIIT benefits from short, challenging sprints spaced out by vital periods of recovery that make the difference between quick results and tissue damage.

OR they can build those strong hearts and bodies standing up – on two of the most feature-rich manual treadmills ever designed for users of all fitness levels.


The Xebex Runner and Xebex AirPlus Runner with Smart Connect


Benefits of Motorless Treadmills: All manual treadmills share the common trait of being powered by you, the user. The initial benefits are apparent – saving on electricity, not having to set up near a plug-in, and the ability to take your exercise out on the deck, weather permitting. But it’s going to require more from you than you’d have to give on a motorized treadmill. Studies have shown you can burn up to 30% more calories running on a manual treadmill than running at the same speed on a motorized treadmill. Another showed that your heart beats up to 20 beats per minute faster on a manual.

Mind you, these results are achievable on the newer, curved version of the non-motorized machine. There’s also a flat version, which is more affordable but delivers fewer benefits and is generally considered a walker’s treadmill. Curved treadmills have been around for a while but were usually only found in elite sports institutions and elite clinics, but market competition has seen them sold for use in garages, schools, gyms and living rooms. Users find them lightweight to move and easy to store (many models have wheels and/or fold). Those savings are paid for in sweat, which is another benefit – especially to your lower-body muscle groups, your cardio health, your improved running style, and your slimmer new physique.

So how does it work without a motor? You get the curved manual treadmill (CMT) going by treading the rising track in front of you. There are no levels to punch into your console. If you want to go faster, run faster. If you want to slow down, slow down. To make that process easier, you can move back into the part of the tread belt Xebex designers call “the sweet spot” – not to be confused with the HIIT sweet spot. This one comprises the areas on the treadmill users will run to maintain, increase, or decrease speed. They’re found behind that swell upfront, and, as we will see, some sweet spots are better than others.

What Xebex brings to the game: Xebex offers two premium curved manual treadmills – the 2019 FitProf Best Buy Award-winning Xebex Runner and the Xebex AirPlus Runner. What’s the difference? The AirPlus provides two unique features: the AirPlus lever, which allows users the option of adding eight resistance levels to their already ponderable challenge, and a multi-grip handlebar that mimics sled drives through its various handle grip options. There are other differences, but these two also have a lot in common.

Both offer beginner-to-competition-level runners the Smart-Connect Ecosystem, which provides access to Xebex Smart Connect equipment and a variety of top third-party apps like Kinomap, Zwift, and the Selfloops Group Training App. They’re all available via Bluetooth and Ant+ connectivity. You’ll find amazing consoles on both – with easy-to-read display windows, functions, history, settings, access to the apps mentioned above and group leaderboard software.

Both also offer one of the largest sweet spots available on a CMT - meaning you’ll have plenty of room to move backward or forward without having to change your pace (unless you want to). It’s a very comfortable place to exert yourself – with a 10 mm thick, low-impact, shock-absorbing, vulcanized rubber running surface, running smoothly around some of the largest bearings in the industry – for long life, superior performance, and easy maintenance.

If you’re looking for a fantastic HIIT experience and results to match, you should give both of these a look. There’s a great place to check them out – along with many more Xebex cardio and strength products.


See these and other top Xebex Fitness products at Flaman Fitness.

Cross-training. HIIT. Strength. Xebex Fitness has spent 30 years creating leading-edge equipment to meet a variety of fitness goals. Our experts are ready to show you the Xebex Runner and AirPlus, along with other premium products that have cemented Xebex’s reputation as a fitness innovator and industry leader. Call or visit your nearest Flaman Fitness location to learn more.

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