How to Select the Best Weight Bench

So you went ahead and got yourself some free weights, maybe a spin bike or treadmill for a home gym, and now you need a bench to use the free weights. Easier said than done. It would be nice if a bench was just a bench, but they come in many shapes and sizes. The first thing you need to do is ask yourself is what type of exercises you will be doing?

If you are new to exercise and weight training, you may have no idea what I am even talking about but I will make this as clear as I possibly can. If you're still unsure, check out our Learn section or YouTube channel for some videos on how to do free weight exercises, such as "How to do bent over rows with dumbbells." Or head into a Flaman Fitness store near you and ask one of our helpful sales people.

I will start with the basic flat bench.

It is a non-adjustable flat bench, meaning it is parallel to the ground. It is great for doing any supported rows, flat bench press, rear foot elevated split squats (RFESS) and that is just to name a couple exercises. These benches are great for beginners and expert fitness enthusiasts and an easy starting point. Some options we have are the:

X-plode Flat Bench PFX-205 starting at $189

Powerblock Travel Bench starting at $179, which has folding legs so it's great for travel, storage and trainers who do in home training.

If you are looking for a bench that adjusts:

X-plode FID bench PFX-185 starting at $299.99 has adjustments to 90 degrees upright and even a decline with 7 adjustable spots in between for optimal performance.

Progression FID Bench PFX-210 starting at 399.99 not only adjusts like the PFX-185, it has a leg attachment to secure your legs to the bench but you can also attach a preacher curl and knee extension right into the bench to add to your home gym.

These are just some of the options to get you started with your home workouts. There are lots more to choose from online or in store! For any other questions call one of our locations nearest you!

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