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Eight Reasons to Get Excited about the Bowflex LateralX LX3

1. The Bowflex® LateralX® LX3 prepares your muscles for work and play. After a week of office work, your unused muscles can prove painfully unprepared for housework, yardwork, sports or family activities. With this elliptical trainer’s impressive three-way range of motion, you can glide from side to side, push and pull, stand and squat – matching the way you move and keeping those necessary muscles ready for duty.

2. Any number of options. THREE ways to move, TWO sets of hand grips, EIGHT levels of resistance, SEVEN exercise programs and a TOTAL OF 30 guided workouts add up to …

3. Whole body results. The LX3’s unique range of motion builds strength and endurance in quads, glutes and core muscles. Its lateral action simulates abduction and adduction techniques for outer hips and inner thighs – creating lower body strength and better posture.

4. Cardio. You can program the perfect high intensity interval training (HIIT) for your age, weight, and exercise experience. The LX3’s sophisticated, backlit LCD display monitor keeps tabs on your heartrate and progress.

5. It respects your time and space. The LX3 can deliver results in as little as 16 minutes, but you can always go longer - and it’s more compact than commercial lateral machines.

6. The free Bowflex® LateralX® workout program offers 12 weeks of professionally led, high-energy classes. Beginners and athletes alike can set goals, get motivated, and track results through connectivity to apps like MyFitnessPal, Google Fit and Apple Health.

7. Calorie Burning. Guided training can help you burn an average of 39% more calories than doing a self-paced elliptical workout.

8. Comfort. Performance suspension pedals make for a low-impact workout that challenges your muscles without rattling your joints.

Ready to “improve the way you move?” Step up (plus down, forwards, backwards and side-to-side) to the Bowflex LateralX LX3 - at your nearest Flaman Fitness location.

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