The many advantages of a treadmill desk

There are many advantages to having a treadmill desk rather than a chair or even a ball. Let me explain in a little more detail some of the benefits. When you are sitting at a desk, firstly, no matter how much you focus and think about proper positioning, you will always end in a slouched position.

Your shoulders will lift towards your ears, tightening up your traps (muscles from your mid back, to your shoulders, and then to the base of the skull) which can lead to head aches and even migraines. This will make you less productive at work and more irritated. As you start working more and more you will find your back starts slouching. Your hip flexors tighten up, putting more tension on your back and as your back starts rounding it can become very uncomfortable leading to chronic issues such as: sore back, tight hips, weaker abs and a constant stiff feeling.

Having a treadmill desk does NOT mean you have to walk 8 hours a day at your desk. It just means you will be proactive while you are working. Always start slow. If you decide to get a treadmill desk start out for your first week walking 1 out of 8 hours and seeing how your body will react to it. If you are a bit sore and stiff but not debilitating, you are doing it properly. After a couple weeks progress to 2 out of 8 hours and so on. You never want to go to the next extreme and walk 8 hours every day. When you are not using your desk, you can get a chair or stand and the desk moves up and down to suit any height.

Once you are using your treadmill desk, you will notice many changes such as burning calories at work! Meaning if you have a family and you actually are too busy to hit the gym, this cuts out the middle man.

You will have increased blood circulation to your body which will reduce blood glucose levels, so it is especially helpful if you have type 2 diabetes.

Lower blood pressure (hypertension) – just by walking a couple hours a day you can increase the longevity of your life. It will prevent you from getting sick and improve your overall health.

It will help you maintain and even build stronger bones. Doing weight bearing exercises such as using a treadmill desk gets your body moving and feeling better.

When your body is moving around, you are releasing endorphins into your body. These are happy hormones and it will increase your mood while decreasing stress and anxiety. Walking has also been linked to more creativity regardless of your environment.

There are so many benefits to a treadmill desk you won't know until you try one. We have locations all across Western Canada and you can come into a store and try one out for yourself! Always consult a physician before starting exercise and get your body moving!

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