Top 10 Equipment for Cardio Training

Before selecting a piece of cardio equipment you need to know what you like to do. What I mean by that is, if you hate running, don't buy a treadmill! Yes, it is that easy. If you love biking, buy a bike. I may be a little biased because I love cardio - I love biking, running and anything indoors. But as we all know living in Canada, winter happens fast and cold so we need to be creative. I will be giving the Top 10 Equipment for Cardio Training but in no way are they in any order. If you see something you like, go for it!

1. Treadmill - I love running and I got the privilege to run on the Nautilus 618 treadmill and it is phenomenal. The best treadmill I have ever run on. Easy to use, comfortable and smooth. A great way to burn calories and feel great afterwords. Make sure you stretch after as well!

2. Skipping - I bet you haven't skipped since you were 10 years old and let me tell you it is not like riding a bike. It usually takes a couple times to get comfortable with it but then you will be skipping like a pro.

3. Bosu - Even though a Bosu is technically not a cardio piece of equipment, it can be. It is a great tool for HIIT workouts. You can do quick feet drills, combined with strength and balance to get a full workout in one.

4. Agility Ladders - Not only are agility ladders good for athletes but even better for people who are not involved in as many sports anymore. The reason I say this is because as you get older you lose out on stability and control so doing ladder exercises gets the brain working, motor control and muscle memory to keep fit and stay sharp.

5. Boxing - Are you ready to step outside of your comfort zone? And I do not mean getting into the ring with someone and getting or knocking someone out. You can get a stand up heavy bag or hang a boxing bag from the ceiling (make sure it is supported properly) and some gloves and go to town. This is a great stress reliever and a lot of fun.

6. Elevation Training Mask - So this is more of a trickier one, but for those of you who are in good shape but want to be in better shape, this is the product for you. It suppresses your oxygen levels as if you were training at altitude. It makes the lungs work harder so you will perform better. Always consult a physician before you use this product.

7. Medicine Balls - Not only are medicine balls great for strength training but they're also great at building your cardiovascular system and power! Get that explosive movement that you need. You can do great HIIT training with it incorporating running intervals, push ups and much more. Anything you would do with body weight exercises, use a medicine ball. You can even run with the medicine ball.

8. Polar Watch - Polar watches come in many different styles with lots of different options. The reason I say this is a good accessory is because if you enjoying running or want to track your daily movements this is the option for you. Polar offers a wide variety of watches and options to choose from.

9. Polar Loop - Just starting to get back in shape? Want to know your heart rate? Want to get 10,000 steps in per day? Get a Polar Loop. This neat, inexpensive tool will help get the results that you are after. Keep a goal set and stay with it to do the best you can.

10. Yoga mat and accessories - Even though this isn't exactly cardiovascular training it is a great workout and can get the heart rate up with a nice vinyasa or flow class. Not only can the heart rate get up but you will also build strength and mobility. Great for all ages and if you are a non-believer you just have to find the class for you. Whether you cannot touch your toes or have more mobility than you realize, you need to get in touch with different instructors and try out different classes to get the right class for you.

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