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With treadmills, you have to make sure you have enough space for where you want to put the machine. That includes not just the size of the machine but also space at the back of the unit and height. You want to select an area where you will use the machine - if it's out of sight, it's out of mind. Pick an area where it's comfortable, perhaps a room with a TV - not in your cold garage.

If you're just going to be walking on it, you can choose from a variety of treadmills. Cushioning is important and look for handle bars if you like to hold on while walking.

If you're going to run, there are some treadmills where you can only do light jogging. Look for these features when selecting a treadmill for running:

  • A good quality motor, 3 HP or more: when you run the treadmill moves faster and higher speeds put more strain on a motor.
  • Length of the running surface: you want 60", if you're running for 30 minutes or more you tend to fatigue and wonder back and forth .
  • A thicker deck for quality: so you can do more running on it.
  • Quick keys on the console: one or 2 touch step to increase or decrease speed/incline .

Ask yourself what features you're looking for. Most treadmills have a quick start and a manual program where you can get on and just start walking. Many treadmills also have pre-set workout programs to keep you motivated and that get you doing something if you don't know what to do or where to start.

Other features to look for, depending on your needs:

  • Heart rate interactive - the program will change the speed or incline to keep you within your target heartrate.
  • User IDs - these let you store the info about the user and your workout stats, such as calories lost, how many minutes you've run etc.
    • Some work with apps, and you can download workout stats onto your computer through Bluetooth or USB.
  • Heart rate sensor or strap - people can work out too hard or not hard enough, the sensor keeps you in a specific zone if your goal is weight loss or to improve cardiovascular endurance.
  • Some treadmill brands, like Freemotion, have a touch screen console.

Besides the features of the machine, you want to look for a product that has a good warranty. And does the place where you're purchasing the equipment from offer a service plan? If there are issues with the machine, if they have in-home service then you don't have to bring the treadmill to a store for repairs.


TC10 vs TC20

The main difference between these two models is the size of the machine and the components. The TC20 accommodates a taller person with a longer stride, the motor strength is a greater and it goes up to 4.5 miles per hour. The TC20 also has further programming abilities versus the TC10.

Incline Trainers

Treadmills don't go above 15%, but incline trainers go up to 40% incline.

Many machines come with similar features to a treadmills, such as quick speed and incline keys or basic workout programs. Some brands, like Freemotion, have a touch screen of the iFit program.

Incline trainers can also be used as a regular treadmill if you want to walk on a flat surface or a lower incline. The also decline as well.

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