Spirit Fitness Celebrates 40 Years

Fit at 40. It’s a fantastic way to be.  

Spirit Fitness celebrates its four decades in business in excellent shape. What’s the company’s secret? Caring about your wellness and doing everything they can to help you achieve and maintain it.  

A Vision of Healthier Customers 

The Spirit SL288 Treadmill was part of the first line of treadmills Dyaco manufactured for Spirit. 

In 1983, Spirit fitness launched with and built its brand on a singular goal:  

“Giving customers the highest quality equipment to help them achieve their fitness goals.”  

In 2008, that Dedication to long-term fitness received a substantial boost. Spirit became part of the Dyaco family of wellness products, which shared the customer-focused ideal. It also offered more research, development, and manufacturing resources to pursue it.  

This support supercharged Spirit’s multi-faceted plan to make you as fit at 40 – and beyond – as the company is now.  

Building Top-Quality Equipment  

With the help of Dyaco’s ISO-certified factories, Spirit could accelerate the development and delivery process. The company could expand its vision of the high-quality, exceptionally durable equipment its customers deserve.  

That spirit of innovation spawned a design partnership with a world-renowned spin bike expert. The resulting Johnny G Spin Bike offered cutting-edge features like advanced performance metrics, a cockpit-style console, and the hybrid-feel of a cog-drive timing belt. It elevated the user experience – a standard applied to every new bike, treadmill, elliptical, stepper, and functional trainer under the Spirit brand.  

Outstanding Warranty  

Spirit shows its confidence in their quality, durability, and reliability of all their machines through the outstanding warranties that come with them. For instance, the Spirit XT485ENT Treadmill is backed by an amazing lifetime warranty on brake and frame, plus 10 years on parts, and 1 year on labor. That’s one reason FIT PROF gave it the 2023 FIT PROF Head of the Class BEST BUY award for treadmills under $3,500 (USD). 

Creating a Rewarding User Experience  

The User’s long-term fitness goals are a key consideration in Spirit’s product development. Engineers focus on equipment that builds the cardiovascular health, strength, endurance, flexibility, and daily functionality users desire. However, those results may never come without a quality home workout experience that motivates users to come back every day.  

The SPIRIT+ app not only reminds users of the goals they set, but also reminds them of the distance they’re closing. Once users enter their goals, they can plan their training and track their progress. The app syncs with the LCD or ENT consoles, incorporating feedback on their treadmill, bikes, elliptical, climber, or stepper performance.  

User Comfort Features  

Motivation and comfort go hand in hand. More accurately, motivation is comfort. Spirit knows you can get impressive results without feeling like you’ve rowed a slave galley.  

Spirit was one of the first manufacturers to make cooling fans a refreshing part of every workout. They also cut the monotony of listening to your feet plod by making MP3 players standard on most of their equipment.   

The Spirit XT485 ENT includes a large 10.1” touchscreen that features screen-mirroring capabilities and access to streaming services like Netflix, YouTube,  

Comfort also applies to the exercise you do. Spirit offers plenty of soothing and ergonomic exercise features. Here are just a few examples:  

  •  Spacious decks and cushioning on their treadmills,  
  • Pleasing stride length, handgrips, and 2-degree pedal inversion on ellipticals  
  • Mesh backrests and recline settings on recumbent bikes.  

There are also peace-of-mind safety features like treadmill safety keys and convenience features like foldaway storage. Spirit’s concentration on your workout experience generates solutions that make your daily routine pleasant and rewarding.  

More Than an Anniversary  

We’re proud to say “Happy 40th Anniversary, Spirit Fitness,” but we’d also like to offer our congratulations on Spirit's international accomplishments since 1983:  

  • Over 1.2 million pieces of equipment sold  
  • 12 categories of equipment available in 50 countries  
  • 140 diverse products  
  • 55 awards recognizing Spirit’s superior products  

So, here’s to 40 years of customer-focused success and the anticipations of what the next 40 will bring. Well done, Spirit Fitness.  

See and Try Spirit Equipment at Flaman Fitness


Flaman is proud to offer high-quality, customer-inspired Spirit Fitness equipment. We stock award winners like the Spirit XT Treadmill, XE Elliptical, and XBR, XBU and XIC Bike lines, as well as FIT PROF Best Climber awardees the Spirit HIIT Trainer and CVC800.  

Call or drop by your nearest Flaman Fitness location. Discuss your fitness goals, budget and available space with our expert staff. They can guide you to the workout option that best meets your needs. 


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Spirit Fitness Celebrates 40 Years

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