How to get to your fitness goals

Hi I'm Clint Manager of the Kelowna Flaman Fitness and Personal Trainer. I have been in the industry of health and fitness for over 18 years now and love every minute of it. I have gone from working the front desk at a huge fitness center to working on a cruise ship teaching fitness classes to working as a nutrition coach to now helping people with their fitness equipment and part time personal trainer/ bootcamp instructor.

Today I want help you get to your fitness goals.

You have to do it!!Want to get that body you always wanted? Stop wanting it! Create a Need as opposed to a want! Why am I yelling? because this statement has been my struggle for quite some time now. I am a Personal trainer that has seen many people succeed when it comes to their fitness and health goals but I also see people fail. There are many reasons why one fails towards their goal. The reason why I think people Fail is due to "want", we want a lot of things but aren't willing work hard towards for things we want.. If you eliminate the "want" and replace with "I Have to" the job will get done. In this case the job is getting in shape/fit. Say I have to to do this in your head right now! Do it in your head because it will look funny if you started talking to your computer screen.

Step 1

What's the goal and how do I measure it?Is the goal to be able to run 5k, or maybe the goal is to look good in a bikini.. Cosmetic goals are hard to measure but they can be measured with pictures take pictures along your way in your journey towards a fitter you. You are the gage in this case beauty or fitness in this case is in the eye of the beholder! 5k race and events are great because you when you complete it, it's a success.

Step 2

How do others complete this goal and can I consult with an expert in the field ? There is probably thousands to millions of people literally that have had similar fitness goals to you. So find someone that has had a similar goal to you and succeeded. Ask them how they did it. Another way to find your way on this journey is to consult with a expert in the field of fitness and health. Reach out to someone that helps others complete this very same goal, I guide towards greatness. Personal trainers are great for this!

Step 3

Book it!! That means you book in all your workouts and your meal preps. Make it something you do not something you want to do.. Make it a part of you. You have your goal now think its only a matter of time before you meet that goal because you have to do it! You have to lift that weight, you havto eat that healthy stir fry, you have to go for that walk, you have to go in that bootcamp. You have no choice!

If you read this and it changed your reality and made the decision to meet your fitness goals then congrats!

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