Leg Routine


Ok so literally a month later…oooppssie

Lets jump right into a leg routine I have been promising forevvvver it seems

Up until when we got back from Minneapolis I was doing legs once a week, but arms at least twice - Trust me I know this is backwards..I shoulda been doing legs WAY more

So March 24 I took my measurements for the first time and decided to incorporate as much legs in my daily workouts then do "leg days" at least twice a week.

Shopping in Minni'

First workout back after Minni'

Waist - 31"

Hips 39.5"

Bust 33"

Bicep 11.5"

Thigh 22.5"

Calf 15"

So I upped my workouts!

I would start by doing high intense intervals on the tread climber..seriously guys the things this machine does for your legs alone PLUS HIIT are great for shedding fat fast - I would do 7, 5 and 3's -

medium pace for 7 minutes, hard for 5 then back to a slower for 3 then repeat.

A typical leg day for me includes:

Leg extensions - 100 pounds (just moved up to 140!!) 10 reps x 3

Jump Squats 15 reps x 3

Jump Lunges 15 reps x 3

Plie Squats 20 pound dumbell 10reps x 3

Cross Back Lunges 20 slow reps x 3

Min. 60 free weighted squats

I mean some days I wouldn't fit everything in but always tried my best too even if it meant only doing the circuits twice instead of 3.

May 24th I took my measurements again I was down a total of 10 inches!!!!

Waist 28" (down 3")

Hips 36" (down 3.5")

Bust 32" (down 1")

Bicep 11.5 (same)

Thigh 21" (down 1.5")

Calf 14" (down 1")

Those shorts I bought in Minni' that were clearly tight all over and even had a smidge of muffin top…were now falling off me - :( …BUT positive note…they were a 6 hehe which was a super awesome feeling knowing I was a 4!

Imagine that -- focusing on your areas that you don't like..will improve them haha

Its funny to me now that I didn't do this sooner - but I know now!!

June wasn't my best month thats for sure..I mean my workouts were good, but my eating has been off - tomorrow I am back on 100%! I am just now really excited to see where I can take myself. I know I would like my mid region to tighten (my legs/hips/stomach) so my new goal is my 26th birthday (Sept 5th) I want to just feel my absolute best! - no real weight or inch goal - just at my "tightest" haha

I will take my measurements again then and keep you posted!!

Happy leg days guys!


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