Lifting wieghts late in life

Are you or do you know a senior? Probably right. Well I know of something that your senior family member or friend might like! It's kinda magical, here I'll tell you the benefits and see if it's worth talking about:

Benefit #1: It boosts your strength and balance...

Benefit #2: It will decrease your likelihood for bone breaks and bone injuries.

Benefit #3: It will decrease joint pain.

Benefit #4: It will help you lose fat.

Benefit #5: Better sleep.

Benefit #6: Improved serotonin (happiness chemical)

Wow hey ! So are you interested ? If a Pill did all this you would buy it right? OK I'm not one for leaving someone hanging. The Something Im talking about is strength training!!

Most elderly think they they are too old for strength training. And most of the time they would be wrong! If you can move your body you can do some form of strength training or resistance training. I mean with all the benefits available isn't worth it to try??

Here are some guidelines to follow when starting a resistance training regiment:

- Seek out help from a professional in the industry to help you find the correct workout regiment.

- Do things that you like to do. . . It doesn't have to be boring and daunting. There are lots of ways to mix it up and make the workouts feel like something fun to do.

- Try different equipment for strength training ie Dumbells, Resistance Bands, Bowflex, Balance tools, Barbells and Med balls are just a few different pieces you can use find the one that you think will work for you.

- Find out what kind of workout personality you are. Do you like working out in groups or classes or do you like working out alone? Find out what works for you and your schedule.

- Schedule your strength training make it a priority!

- Enjoy all the benefits!!

As we age we lose bone density and abilities to grow lean muscle. That means its even more important as we age to keep up with our strength training in a our elder years. And if its a new thing for you, then congrats and get ready to enjoy a change for the better in your life! It's never too late to try new things and it's never to late to enjoy a healthy lifestyle!

For more info on how to get started or to switch things up check out your nearest Flaman Fitness we have the tools and the passion to help you with your strength training questions and aspirations.

Thank you for reading

Clint Pratch

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