Reaching Your Goals

Goal: Feel better

If you goal is to feel better and live a healthier lifestyle, trying doing some cardio and strength in your workout, or focus on one then another.

Goal: Weight loss

If your goal is to lose weight (and/or lose fat to reveal muscles), there are a few factors for you to consider. The first is nutrition – consuming fewer calories and eating better or healthier food is key in weight loss. If you consume less calories than you burn each day (through activity and simply being alive) then you will lose weight.

The main type of exercise you want to do is cardio – choose exercises that keep your heart rate up, like running, walking or biking. Strength exercises should be a secondary focus. These exercises do burn calories – try doing weights in rapid succession (also known as circuit training), which will keep your heart rate elevated similar to things like running does.

Goal: Build muscles

If you goal is to build muscles, then you want to focus on strength exercise, like using weights. This can be achieved by using free weights or exercising on a home gym. Running has some advantages for building muscles in legs and your abdominal, but running won’t do much for your arms.

Nutrition is also important when you want to build muscles. Your body will need extra nutrition and protein to add muscle mass. You’ll want to stay in a positive calorie balance (taking in more calories than you burn) to gain quality muscle mass.

Goal: Do something better

You can choose from different cardio or strength options if you want to make your body do something better.

  1. Cardio exercise will increase the endurance of your heart and lungs
  2. Strength exercises will build muscles, which helps reaction time and lets you move more
  3. Nutrition again plays a factor – you need to eat better food and the appropriate amounts, depending on your goal

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