Today’s decisions are tomorrow’s realities

In the mid-1990s I lived in La Jolla, California and worked in the entertainment industry. During this time I was privileged to work alongside motivational speaker Tim Storey, including at "The Study" (I helped organize the event and arrange entertainers see ). You can also see Tim on Oprah at

One of Tim's often quoted phrases is "Today's decisions are tomorrow's realities."

So, if you decide to do something today, tomorrow it becomes something you do, or are . . . In the big picture, as an example, if I decide to start working-out today, tomorrow I will begin to be more fit, and eventually I will be fit.

This implies that the first step towards fitness is to decide to get fit.

However, it's best to decide to do a measurable action – not a goal. So decide to walk a block or run/walk a kilometer or workout for 30-minutes. Your decision should be to do something that can have a check-mark beside it on a list – today I did ______. The "goal" can be a long-range target but the decision should be an action item.

For example, in 1984 I asked my neighbour in the dorms I lived in at the University of Toronto to show me how to workout. Up to that point I never went to the gym or played any sports. My neighbour was on the Canadian decathlon team – he was fit. The next day, I went to the gym with him – he showed me what to do, and I began a life-changing journey.

It was a simple request that lead to a specific action that lead to new reality for me. I went from not being fit to promoting fitness.

As another example, Chandell decided to buy a Bowflex TreadClimber – an action. A year later she had lost 105 pounds, then she became the star of a TreadClimber commercial, then she became a fitness blogger, then she hosted a series nationally televised on the Shopping Channel shows selling TreadClimbers, and who knows what's next for her. You can read more about this at her blog posting The smallest decisions can impact your life!

So decide today to do something – not a goal but an action.

Tomorrow – or whatever 'tomorrow' might symbolise – it will become a new reality.

"Today's decisions are tomorrow's realities."

Today's the day to start.

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