What does your goal look like?

I recieved a note from one of our employees today - David Gibbs from our London Ontario store. He explained to me a remarkable transformation he made in 16-weeks, and the change is continuing. The biggest issue was not just the weight loss, but rather the change in his body-fat-percentage, while retaining muscle mass and strength - in a healthy manner. His journey may not be your goal, but his dedication is a model to achieve any goal.

Here's David - 246lbs on left to 191 lbs on the right, in 16-weeks:

David wrote to me:

My name is David Gibbs. Currently I am a Flaman fitness employee out of the London Ontario store. Just to bring you up to speed. This transformation picture was my 16 week change. Yes 16 weeks.

I went from 239lbs at about 18% body fat to 191lbs and 3% body fat. I placed 3rd out of 9 competitors which was last April. since then have moved on to compete in Ontario provincial show June 3rd and 4th which makes me 11.5 weeks out now.

I got into bodybuilding once my hockey career ended. Playing high level Jr hockey I was a busy and competitive person and when it ended I felt lost. I felt like I had no purpose. I had a great group of friends that introduced me into this sport and right away I fell in love.

I love seeing change everyday and working hard towards a goal. My purpose felt like it came back!!

The trick and how I did this? Consistency is the key. Don't give up no matter how frustrated or down you get. Everybody has a bad day and what builds successful people is the ones who never gave up. Do your cardio. Make healthy choices and get your daily exercise !!

David explained that he uses a "high intensity plus diet (I do have a coach) but I generally will not weight train longer than 1 hour 15 minutes. I train 5 days a week plus 7-8 hiit cardio sessions a week."

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