You're approved to workout while watching TV

You have our official approval to walk, run, or workout while watching TV - please present this item to all whom doubt you!

Heck, you can even do it in your living room, bedroom, den, garage, wherever you have a TV. You can even use your PVR to record your favourite shows or use Netflix and binge on a new series. Go ahead! You're approved.

Fitness is not some sacred event that requires your total concentration – it will not be spoiled by watching TV. You can even watch a show on 'how to deep fry foods' – it won't hurt you. It's OK.

Most fitness goals or dreams would take a monumental step forward if people just walked while watching TV. And it's not just walking, use a spin bike, upright bike, recumbent bike, home gym – whatever you want.

There is nothing worse than plopping a perfectly good piece of exercise equipment into a room – facing a white wall or some unchanging dormant scene. You will get bored. Time will drag-on. You'll begin to focus on feeling tired from moving. You will then be much more likely to quit. But at least you didn't watch TV? Wow, that makes sense!

So, you end up with this scene in your home:

Why is this bike facing the white corner? It should at least be facing out the window.

I have access to almost any piece of exercise equipment known to man – for free – and I still struggle with motivation. That's why I place my equipment in a room with a stereo to enjoy the music I love – and more often the radio so things are random – and have things positioned to look out the window.

I've seen it over and over again - it's not about the piece of equipment, it's about the users' inspiration, attitude (see my article) and it's about removing any potholes your workout aspirations may fall into.

When I worked out at a gym in the city, the other people there provided some distractions and drama – they made time go by faster. There was always some sort of "reality TV" unfolding on the gym floor.

At home this same "reality TV" would be a distraction – it would likely involve you - but, on TV, watching "reality TV" is a great thing.

Walking for an hour every night may seem like an enormous task, but watching an hour of TV while you walk on a treadmill seems do 'able and is.

For less than $300 you can get a name-brand 32" LCD TV with a built in DVD player – perfect for watching whatever series or movie you want while working out. For a couple of hundred more, you can get a larger "smart TV" and watch NetFlix on it or surf the net.

And if my words are not enough, how about this item from our company's founder – Frank Flaman. Note, this page is from our 1999 agriculture catalogue as "Flaman Fitness" did not exist at that time – but Flaman was selling treadmills.

So, Flaman Fitness is Canada's largest independent fitness equipment retailer and you have our official approval to walk, run, or workout while watching TV.

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