When I think of 100 I think of, 101 Dalmations, or 100 day countdown or 100 ways to do something. I never think of 100 pounds lost. That number is seriously still so ridiculous to me it is funny.

I remember the conversation clearly, I was around 170ish pounds and I said to Lorne "wouldnt that be funny if I lost 100 pounds" and of course I laughed because that would mean I would have to get to 145..and well I just "could never" be that weight. 160 was my original goal...its where I thought I could be and still look 'ok', and I knew that with enough hard work I could hit that number. To my memory I can't remember weighing 145. I remember in grade 12 I weighed 155...thats all I know for sure.

To be honest I actually hit this a couple days ago...BUT I never take a number as what I am unless it sticks around for a couple days..So Wednesday I weighed this

I laughed...no way this number would stick around..(so yes I had to take a picture of it)
Then Thursday I weighed 145.9...this I thought was a better indication
Then today I weighed myself in at 144.9!!! BOOOYAHH

NOTE: Yes I did loose 4 pounds in 2 weeks..but I was stuck at 149-150 for probably 4 or 5 weeks..like not budging..For me it takes just a little shake up in my diet or exercise to get that number to move and that is what the 30 day challenge is doing for me. No I am not starving myself..and no I am not working out insanely or anything..just a little extra hard work..less treats and a bit more cardio.

Lately I have also been asked what "fat burners" I take..I don't take any of that..Have I? yes..Do I think they work? for awhile, by no means long term results...Do I recommend them? I think you need to figure out what works for you..me saying don't waste your money won't stop you from buying them and I think no one should feel bad for taking them, with loosing weight I have found people always say things like "oh she takes this, or oh she is doing this program" where sometimes it is embarrassing to say what you are doing because people will always have their own opinions... Me personally they make me spacey and all fidgity and I didn't notice any huge difference in weight or my body then when I wasn't taking them, so not worth it to me.

Vitamins: These I take..I am not faithful everyday with remembering but I try my best. I take:

Fish Oil


Daily Women's Vitamin

B100 Complex

Am I done loosing? I hope not ha! I am not expecting any huge number changes anymore..but I still have my problem areas - stomach/love handles basically that whole midriff area. haha so I would like to target more and see that area shrink..lets just say the mummy tummy fairies did not visit me, so we gotta do some cleaning up there still ha. I really don't care about my weight number anymore..I wanted to hit 100 because that I thought was crazy..but I just want to be healthy and confident in the body I have. Thats all!

Let me be the first to tell you: DONT GIVE UP!!! Their is no number that you have to be or can't be, or should be. All there is, is you telling yourself what you CAN BE! And today I can officially say I weigh 145 pounds which means since having Penn I have lost 100lbs!!! I stopped making excuses and starting challenging myself, and if I (poutine, Mcdonalds, chips & dip, chicken fingers & fries lover) can do this..then seriously ANYONE can!

We got this!


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