2013 - A Year In Review

I truly didn't think 2012 could be topped… but when I look back at how great 2013 was, it may be close! Here were some of my highlights!!

In January we took Penn on his first plane ride to Mexico for our friends wedding. It was amazing. The flight was just under 6 hours and Penn did awesome! He was about 10 months and so close to walking. We kept him full on snacks and he LOVED playing in the water, Penn would fall asleep in his stroller and just play when he was awake, it was perfect. If you ever want a family orientated smaller newer resort the Now Jade in Mexico is perfect! Not to mention our friends wedding was soo much fun, I did D's (the bride) and her sisters makeup for the day and they all looked even more beautiful!

We also went to a NHL game to see the Penguins play the Jets! So much fun! And of course the Penguins won!

After that we were home for 3 weeks then off to Disney World…(the planning could have had more of a break in-between but oh well) Disney world was awesome too! We are going back January 2015 and I can't wait!!

Breakfast at Hollywood Studios

2015-05-20 11:21:29 PM

This was Penns walk at the time!

2015-05-20 11:22:21 PM

Penn loved Seus Landing at Universal and seeing his face there was the highlight for me!

Looking back at those pictures really reminds me how far I have come (weight wise). I have told you before Disney World was my breaking point. Honestly the week we got home I told Lorne enough was enough I needed to actually be healthy no more "Get Skinny Fast' diets..and we ordered a bow flex! 2 Days after we got home Lorne had shoulder surgery..he had separated so many times from hockey and they needed to clean out all the scar tissue and put it back together.

As well right when we got home Penn started walking (at 11 months) It was exciting..but so not awesome timing with Lorne so out of commission from his shoulder.

At the end of March I got my Bowflex TreadClimber and started being serious about weight loss.

Me then.

March 28th Penn turned 1!! His birthday party was SO much fun and I had such a blast planning it all!

The summer was even more fun..we had a week of camping, lots of playing outside & walks and a whole lot of running!

Summer family photos

At the Zoo!

Camping - finding mud puddles!

Keeping Penn away from the fire was a tad challenging at times while camping!

On one of many many walks!

Near the end of summer I also finally got my home gym together in the basement! I also FINALLY started seeing changes in myself..I also finally had no clothes that fit me left in my closet…so a full shopping spree had to be done!

I also starting blogging at the end of summer & ran my first 5K race!!

Here is my wrecked knee after… :(

Penn also got a new BIG boy Toy Story Room & bed in August (17 months)..

I always said I would never do a theme room BUT when Penn became obsessed with Toy Story I figured this would be perfect…and the transition was a sinch!

Fall was so much fun! And Halloween was a HUGE success I CAN not wait for next year!

I also hit 100 POUNDS lost since having Penn..it was a huge milestone for me..one that I laughed about when I considered the thought of it. 'Weight loss' isn't as important to me now more as just toning .

I had 2 nephews born in 2013 too!! One at the beginning and one just 2 months ago! Is there anything better then a newborn baby?!!?

Baby Karter

Baby Beckett

Then Vegas! Vegas was so much fun..and our first trip away from Penn. Penn LOVED his time at my parents farm..we had a great time and he may have had more fun then we did ;)

Penn loving the farm!

Penn has grown in to quiet the little man and he just continuously melts my heart everyday! I know I am bias but I think he is just so smart, and even more sweet

Then Christmas came and went WAY to fast! I knew Christmas would be fun this year because Penn really gets most of it..but it was more special then I could have imagined!

So from my family to yours, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I can't wait to see what 2014 will bring!!


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