2014 Goals!!

Happy New Years to you all!! Is it just me or where the heck did 2013 go..seriously I know I say this every month but I feel like this year especially went by extra fast. Since things were extra busy before the new year I still plan on doing a post with my favourite finds of 2013..so watch for that!

My New years eve was pretty uneventful, I actually have been all medicated up on Nyquil & Dayquil so I was asleep by 9 last night. I also totally had popcorn last night..if you know me you know Theatre popcorn is my one true love..seriously its like my trade mark..Like I have a theatre popcorn maker in my home. Its a problem.

Lorne took this picture making fun of me as I was a BIG whinny baby last night…Clearly watching some Toy Story :)

But I wanted to share my goals with you all for 2014…no resolutions, I think those are easily dropped. I just wanted some short term goals.

1)Put the scale away for the whole month of January -

I have weighed myself every day in the morning for months..since probably April. My weight number was my goal and knowing that your number doesn't always change in the morning it was good motivation for me. Now my weight number not being that big of a deal to me its time to take a break. And as of the 30th I put it away. Its hard I am curious where I am at but at the same time I know I am still bloated from Christmas..hopefully by the end of the week I feel better.

2)Fit into my 'new' Diesel Jeans-

I found a pair of Diesel jeans on our local 'Garage Sale' page..They were worn once and she only wanted $50 bucks..it was a steal..but I knew they may be tight..and well they are..Girls..just because they go on..doesnt mean they fit!

I can put them on and half zip them (boxing day) I know I was bloated then but I really wanna do some toning in January so HOPEFULLY January 31st these bad boys fit me nicely, zipped up with no muffin top exploding! Ill post pics!

3)Get back Scrapbooking!!!

This is a major one for me! Penns baby book is WAY behind. I have all the things just haven't put them in the book/pages. So on nights where I would be pissing around on FB or Instagram I need to unplug myself and get on finishing that!

4)Eat as healthy as possible & Be assertive in my workouts

I have posted before on how as soon as I get distracted in my workout I start screwing around then I am usually done earlier then I should be..I need to stop this. I need ensure that all of my workouts are hard.

Clearly your eating is THE MOST IMPORTANT part..if anyone tells you different…well I highly disagree. Of COURSE physical activity is important but what your body can do just by cutting out garbage is impressive so try it! and for me..I want to ensure that all January and possibly February I am quiet strict..I don't want it to all of a sudden be May/June and I dread taking Penn swimming outside because I don't want to wear a bathing suit. SO that means being disciplined at the beginning of the year!

5) Go on more dates with Lorne

I am not very good at leaving Penn with anyone else..we found a really good sitter who actually lives across the street so I would like to take advantage of that and go on more dates with Lorne this year…the last 2 we haven't done to much so I want to be better!

6)Unplug Myself More

Lets be serious I love the inter web haha but I would like to take more time not having my phone glued to me.

Thats about it! Other then that I just wanna keep being a good mom and continue finding fun things for Penn to do!

I hope all of you have set goals..and that they are realistic and more short term then long term..I always find that its easy to hold yourself accountable then.

Happy New Year to you all..and just think before we know it this year will be gone too..so lets make it a great one!


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