30 Day Squat Challenge Results

If I was to grade myself on this 30 day squat challenge, I would give myself a 65% ... this is why they call it a "challenge."

The first time I did this I didn't miss a day, this time I missed more then a few. But how did you do? Did you finish it? Share with me if you liked it!

(You can check out the squat challenge in a previous post here.r)

Here are my results. I took a total of 65 pictures trying to get the angles to match perfectly haha because honestly if you don't have the angles matching it isn't a true comparison. I also was sure to wear the exact same pants.

I finally got the close up one and showed my husband to which he said 'it looks like you're just pushing your butt out' (which I wasn't!). So I went back, took a whole bunch more, and got the non close up photo.

So again this works... I wasn't even 100 percent and I see a difference! So what this should tell us all are that squats really are our best friends, which shouldn't be a surprise. I mean, the more you squat the more lifted that butt becomes! Now full disclosure in the last 30 days my eating has been fully on point too so it actually makes me see more of a difference in my stomach & thighs BUT the butt lifting is happening which is all squats... so I fully plan on continuing with the squats!!

Now, totally off topic story but it made my whole day yesterday so I want to share-- We are renovating our basement... both floors (the gym and the living space, I have a 4 level split). In the living space I have been wanting a 'Map art piece' for the one wall. I found one at Bouclair Home that was $300 and I am all for splurge purchases trust me, but on a picture of a map, it just didn't sound necessary, so I couldn't bring myself to purchase it. Today as I'm walking down the aisle at Wal-Mart I see this canvas poking out, it looks like maybe its a map. I go look and what do you know it's a MAP and of course the only one! As I walk to the till to proudly purchase my art piece, 4 people stopped me and asked where I found it. I was like a child skipping to my vehicle. Best part... it was $40!! Ahh, it still makes me excited!

I hope you all have amazing week and find awesome steals too!


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