A onesie for Christmas (and a new TreadClimber)

Can you believe it? Christmas is literally around the corner! This December has been busier than ever and went by faster that I was ready for. Penn has been right into everything this year.

He met Santa, told him he wanted a 'chocolate hockey stick, and a gumball machine' (notice he doesn't get candies much ha!) We made a Gingerbread village and have been calling The North Pole every day on his 'communicator'. His excitement for Christmas this year is truly my favourite and I can't wait to see his precious face Christmas morning!

If you are wondering what is on my list this year… I asked Lorne for a onesie. I literally think onesies are the greatest creation ever and the fact I don't have one makes me sad. Haha The second I get home everyday I am in slippers, a hoodie and sweats so to combine all that in a onsie, sounds utterly amazing!

But what is really exciting is in the New year I will be ordering the new TreadCimber that rolled out at the beginning of December!! I honestly couldn't be more excited to try it and will keep you all posted on my opinions! I am absolutely certain it will be amazing.

So life has been extra hectic, but I still have been keeping my workouts up as best as I can, and in fact had some of my best ones as of lately. I went back and found my workout schedule from the summer and have been really enjoying doing that again!

Yesterday my workout was:

30 Minutes on the Max trainer

Followed by:

Shoulder Press (SelectTechs)

Side Arm Raises (SelectTechs)

Push ups

Pull downs (Bowflex Machine)

Then finished with 20 Minutes on the TreadClimber

My legs were on fire, but I think if I have some great cardio sessions now it will makeup for my Christmas treats, that's what I am telling myself anyways haha!

So I hope your workouts have been on point too!


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