Bathing Suit Shopping

Alright..So I am NOT one to post myself in a bathingsuit..truthfully it makes me exxxtremly nervous.

Not to mention I am a mom, I never want Penn to look one day and be embarrassed of me (I mean more then he already would be)

I have worn a bikini twice in public since loosing weight…TWICE and both times - just so nervous.

BUT this post had to happen...because cant we all agree -- bathingsuit shopping sucks!!

Last January I ordered 2 bathing suits from Nordstroms for a trip to Mexico...and incase you forgot..

I cried and cried
A bathingsuit doesn't hide ANYTHING.

I end up going with this had rouchin, and a little skirt and was really flattering (seriously this face in the pic -- I was too lazy to search for a normal faced one) but I highly recommend this one!

A bathing suit doesn't suck a thing in, everything is there for everyone to see...and unless you have a six pack like my girl Karissa or mummy tummy fairies visited you during and after your pregnancy -

it can make a girl self conscious.

(lulu, jeans and tanks keeps my loose skin in cheek)..bathing suits…not so much.

That's the thing...all of us have such different body shapes/weights but yet we can still be around the same size.

SO what it looks like on one person will look totally different on another.

Finding a bathingsuit was really important to that I felt confident in, one that I would feel proud of myself being in, and one that wouldn't make me want to cry like the last experience.

Problem is - my problem areas are still my problem areas.

I have lost a lot of weight (I know this)

AND I feel I SHOULD be prancing around in a bikini being like 'hells to the ya'…

Thing is, I have loose skin that isn't just on my tummy, its on my hips(love handles) too.

It makes a girl sad & self conscious - that I can do all this hard work and that skin will still be there. Plus lets me tell you again - I hate doing abs… haha

Stretch marks arnt awesome..but they don't really bother me at all.

In Minneapolis I went into 2 specific bathingsuit stores....the one the sales associate couldn't be bothered to help so I was done quickly.

The next the girls were too helpful and I just felt 'mom' like in all their suits. Don't get me wrong I don't want to flaunt my 'bits' but I don't want to feel like an old mom either.

So when I got home I ordered like 6..maybe 10 bathingsuits from Victoria Secret - in the hopes I would find ONE that worked for my body.


I found 3!!

Now lots didn't work for me….

The full skirted bottoms were awful..I looked like I had all this extra unnecessary fabric - full on mom bottoms

The Triangle top must be made for pre teen girls..because I am a 32 (not full) C and that thing was covering maybe nipple...not appropriate.

The sexy beach top was just too much fabric underneath the boobs for me.

I really wanted a strapless top…I tried 3 -- end verdict they are not for my 'mom boobs' aka lifeless sandbags of skin haha

Then it just came to sizing and patterns.

Now let me tell you moms out there...the Unforgetable Demi halter top - WOW I don't know if my boobs have looked this good and in place in a reeeal long time - try it!!

I didn't keep this top because of my 'sad boobs' but if my boobs were nice I woulda got this top. its the Harlow Push Up Halter

My jean line in the picture below was bugging me so I added another view

Please mind my 'jean line' haha we had just got back from a full morning of sitting

This is the Demi Halter Top & Fold Over Bottoms..this colour and pattern surprised me how much I love it!!

Ha! I didn't take my socks off - ridiculous

This black is my FAV -- I am always drawn to black as I think it is most flattering on me and makes me not as self conscious.

This is the Unforgetable Demi Halter top again and the Fiona Low Rise black bottoms…now these bottoms terrified me..I felt like all my business was out..but my sister in law reassured me more then once they looked ok.

This is the Kimora Push Up Halter & The Mid Rise Hipsters in White Paisley - This print was so beautiful to me.

Here was the banded strapless -- again not for me but if you have nice boobs then totally try it!

Suppper sorry for the bum shot..Honestly I wanted you to see the fit -- these bottoms are so great..they sit so nicely on the front being a good mid rise and on my bum -- keeping everything covered but not in a 'showing to much' or feeling like a 'full coverage' kind of way!

So there it is…myself in bathing suits for you all to me…lord help me

OH and PS

All these pictures were taken clearly at different views, different days in the last 2 weeks (as I kept re ordering sizes and styles) and different times of the its funny to me how in some I feel like my body looks different..none the less the are all me

--Getting the same view / most flattering will never happen for me…A moms gotta be quick with her selfless..haha For example in the last two pics Penn was on the potty as I was trying these on but then decided he wanted to pee standing up but proceeded to miss the toilet and pee everywhere…serious mom problems

So this summer as self conscious as I still am - I promised myself I wouldn't hesitate to throw one on and take Penn to the pool like I did alll last summer…this kid LOVES the water & if it means me disregarding my comfort level - then so be it.

So I hope you all find a swimsuit that you feel good in -- and hopefully you don't have to try as many as I did haha!


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