Being Fit IS A Lifestyle

Old me would see fitness things come across my Instagram or Pinterest and be almost irritated...Like how dare that shit show up while I am crushing this bag of chips, what are they trying to do make me feel bad?! I seriously would scroll quicker so I didn't even have to see it. Sad I know.

Until you put your head mentally into living a healthy lifestyle and making yourself better all the cheesy quotes and little pictures are just that...cheesy shit that doesn't make sense to you.

After I had Penn all I thought about was the number I wanted to get to, I never thought about how I wanted to feel I just wanted to be 'skinny' so I had this number in my head and when I hit it I would be happy and done... This doesn't will hit that number or close to and go right back into your old habits. Trust me.

With wanting to just be fit and healthy I feel there is no done. You have goal numbers but not really because your goals are always changing. My goal was once 165, then I hit that and kept going. Right now I want to hit 145. That is 100lbs lost and I think that sounds awesome and ridiculous all at the same time! But I know that I am not 5 pounds away from where I want to be. I want places to be tighter that arn't yet so I will just keep 'adjusting' my goal until my goal is no longer a weight and maybe its just maintaining.

This was the first "Fitness Quote" that really spoke to me

I get asked lots - how do you do it? There is no easy answer to this - I just do it.

I think about how I felt when I seen how I looked in pictures or how I dreaded going on a trip because I'd have to wear a bathing suit or how I would have to try on at least 5 outfits everyday because non of them were fitting "right". I think about looking back in a year and not having to wish I would have done something sooner. And most importantly I think about setting an example for Penn.

Someone told me once it takes 3 weeks to create a habit so if you workout for 3 weeks your body will "crave" it. I don't know if the timing is accurate only because I don't remember, but I do know my body likes to workout now, and if I don't it's like I know I should. It is totally a habit!

Everyone will have good days and bad days, days where they feel fat and days where they really see their progress. I just always try to remind myself to KEEP GOING! To me I don't have a lot of willpower I just have a lot of dedication. Not giving up and being consistent - thats all you need to see results. They will not come over night like we all want them to, but they will come.


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