Challenges are what make fitness fun

You know that feeling when someone does something and they make it look soooo easy, you all of a sudden think you can do it too? Well, this happened to me. If you follow me on Instagram (@its.chandell) you would have seen the video I posted of my billet doing a handstand, then me trying immediately after. Let me tell was not pretty, well actually his was, mine was awful.

First off I was doing a headstand not hand and well it is SO hard! I instantly realized I have absolutely no core strength and my control and balance is slim to none. Now normally old Chandell would have been like 'Oh well it just wasn't for me.' This Chandell is down right determined that one day I will be able to do a controlled handstand. So I have been practicing daily.

As you can see I am starting near a wall so I can kind of push off of it and keep it for a safety. Being FULLY honest, right after this picture I slipped and hit my nose and cut it a bit. That's just a regular Chandell thing though, so as much as my husband made fun of me, I still am continuing to practice. I also need to up my core workouts, like a lot!

We all know that abs are made in the kitchen, so I have used that as an excuse to not do 'ab workouts' because I am not very strong at them. But no more! I am incorporating the 'Insanity' DVD: Core Cardio & Balance and Plyometric cardio into my weekly routine. If you have never done a Insanity video before let me tell you, they are just that... insane. For myself I don't love workout DVDs, they get too irritating for me after awhile, but I do like to incorporate them when I need to shake it up a bit. And well that is exactly what I am needing.

Here I am, again. Trying to do something I never thought I would do. I don't know when I will be able to or how long of practicing it will take me, but I saw how cool that looked to be able to do one and I want to do that too!

So I ask you, what is something you thought you could never do? Are you trying to do it? And if not, why? Challenging yourself and goals are what make fitness fun, it's what makes me know that I will keep going with this lifestyle because my goals and challenges are always changing.

Why not today join me and challenge yourself because truly it's fun!

From my family to yours, have a great week!

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