Chandell's Sample Treadclimber Workout

The last week I have been cruuuushing my workouts on the treadclimber. My weights I wasn't so much feeling each day and seemed to cut that short, but the cardio was on point!!

I blogged about it earlier in my post "Frequently Asked Questions" after the commercial, and it hasn't really changed: People still ask me about the treadclimber all the time. Best part is I actually love talking about it to people so I thought; why not go in to more detail how I use it.

That seems to be what everyone wants to know... 'Does it work?

First I need to tell you..You have to want it.
When I started I KNEW I wasn't going to let anything stand in my way and sure I was a bit nervous and excited each time I got on it ... but I got on it!

The machine can't help you loose the weight if you don't use it, so don't let it become a clothes hanger!

I always push my limits when I feel I am ready- Short and achievable goals that I could feel great about were and are still very rewarding to me. I really recommend intervals too which keep your heart rate moving.

I would start with a medium pace of 3.0 for 5 minutes then jump to a faster pace of 3.6 for 3 and a half minutes then go to a slower pace of 2.8 for 1 and a half minutes. (Then repeat for how long you were going 20 or 30 minutes.)

But what I am doing right now is I will set my speed at 3.7 and I will go for 6 minutes then step to the sides (off) for 30 seconds then go for 4 and step off for a minute. I try to get as sweaty as possible!! Haha and let me tell you.. You sweat!

When people ask me questions they always apologize for asking, but no! Please do ask me questions!! Heck here's my email Email me anytime! When I first started I would google everything just looking for some tips or extra motivation. If you have any questions I would love to try and answer them! Like I said I am no professional or sales person but I just know what has worked for me.

And truth is I remember that feeling of almost hopelessness like 'if this doesn't work I don't know what will' when you start... and I don't want anyone else to feel like that now! Because I truly believe that if me, a 'always having a excuse, can quit really easily' person, can use this machine consistently for almost 2 years now.. Then anyone can!

So always feel you can ask me questions, but I'll warn you.. I reaaaally do love this machine so I'm probably gonna tell you 'you should seriously buy one.'

Haha have a great week guys!!


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