Chandell's Success - Frequently Asked Questions

When people found out about my weight loss with my Treadclimber and the commercial there is usually 3 of the same questions that I am always asked. So I wanted to share my answers for you!

1) Was the commercial real and did you get paid?

Everything I said in the commercial is true, they are actually not allowed to tell you to say anything. You can say their slogan 'Just walk, 30 minutes a day' and that's about it... every word you see me say in the commercial came from me. And being 100% honest - I ordered my treadclimber because of that slogan. I knew I couldnt run, but I sure could walk. So even that phrase I meant.

And no, being a testimonial you cannot be paid. They flew my family and I to LA and we shot a commercial.

2) How did you do it?

When people ask this I feel they think I am going to trick them and say some big secret... I promise you there is none (even though I wish there was). When I finally decided to make a change, I comitted myself to short easy goals.

I started at 1.7 for 15 minutes on my treadclimber, and after a week I felt comfortable enough to push my speed but contiuned at 15 minutes. Getting working out into a habit was another thing. For the first month I told myself regardless of the time of day I did it (sometimes 9:30 pm at night) I had to workout 6 days a week.

So if you are starting to workout and today you went 5 minutes on your machine, that's fantastic - be proud because you started... now tomorrow try 7. Don't think of the end number or how much you need to loose. For me, I found the smaller the goal and the quicker I could acheive it, I was in turn always pushing myself to keep going.

3) What did you eat?

This is a big one...I had always heard people say 'You can't outrun a bad diet' and well it's true and an app on my phone "My Fitness Pal" was great for keeping track and keeping myself accountable to what I was eating. Being a full on junk food junkie previously, I needed to change what I thought of 'quick food' and portion control. Breaking a bad diet is hard, let's be serious, but there are ways to make it easier.

Start by always eating breakfast, your mom wasnt lying when you were younger saying 'it's the most important meal of the day.' So grab a greek yogurt and a, apple, it doesnt need to be difficult. Then just simplify, try to cut out as much processed food as possible, watch how much carb and sugar intake you'er having and keep your portions realistic. Like example...don't crush a huge plate of pasta and wonder why you aren't seeing results.

For myself I love omlettes or chicken wraps in whole grain wraps, cesar salads, kabobs, stuffed chicken and EAT YOUR VEGGIES! Also enjoy the other stuff you love to, I love sausges and steak so I wont give that up just have it all in moderation. Read about not quitting here.

When I started working out I bought a package of Birthday Cake Oreos, and told my sister in law when I finished my 30 days I would have a couple Oreos... she told me to never use food as a reward. Iif you want an Oreo, have an Oreo, its just food... don't use food as a reward. And that really stuck with me because you're not breaking any cycle or finding the balance if you're always using it as a reward. Buy yourself some pants or soemthing exciting instead.

This was the trip that made me hit rock bottom... and I can promise you I am not that person anymore.

Always remember why you started or why you want to start and how you as a person are changing along the way. Sure it's always great seeing that number go down on the scale or when your clothes don't ft anymore. BUT it means so much more when you know the person you once were is gone, and a healthy, happier one is here now.


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