Don't wait to start your workout routine - start now!

What a fun summer I have been having, honestly. We have had family BBQ get togethers on each side, trips to Minot & the water slides, day trips to parks in Regina and so much more! Penn is at such a great age now where everything is fun, and he is so into everything that it makes all of it so special!

Here was us heading out to my husband's family summer BBQ and this picture makes me smile so hard!

Last week we had this insane heat wave, the hottest it has ever been here. So go figure now this week its windy, rainy and really cool nights. Only in Saskatchewan, right?

It's a bit sad thinking about losing the hot days though, the walks outside, the beautiful nights. But there really is something about fall that I love so much, and as much as I love pumpkin spiced lattes, and the fall colours and all the decor that comes out - its more than that.

Fall is about getting back to normal, back to a routine. Almost like the 'real' start of the year. School starts back up, sports and programs get rolling, and the BBQs and summer patio drinks come to an end.

So I ask are you starting your fall? What kind of 'routine' do you want to get into?

Working out and 'finding the motivation' for me is all a routine.

I once heard that if you can get past the 10 day hump of working out and eating right - there is no stopping you and after 3 weeks your body starts to crave a workout. Truth being told, I have no idea if thats accurate, but it sounds pretty true to me! Starting is the hardest, making a plan, deciding to start and sticking to it. Not allowing there to be any excuses. That's the hardest, once you get going and you are consistently doing it and start to see your results ... well that's what kept me going!

I know lots of people think they need to wait till January 1st resolutions to start, but why not now? Why not start now so come New Years Eve, you're not making a resolution about your weight, your resolution can be you shop more, or go out dancing more or anything else other than your weight.

I just wish I had started sooner, that I believed in myself sooner. And there isn't a doubt in my mind that if I could lose weight, anyone can. So today I want to tell you to start. Start in any way you can! Today's the day!

Have a great week!


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