Find Balance in your Cooking

I have mentioned in my other posts that my husband has played hockey his whole life - him playing hockey is actually how we met. He was playing his first year of junior hockey in Estevan and I went to a party and well,the rest was history.

Throughout playing for the Bruins, Lorne had the most amazing billets who he lived with. The meals, the way they cared, it was really something special and they were even our MCs at our wedding. So it really was no surprise that shortly after we got married a few of the billets were asking us if we would billet too. It took a few years of convincing but we finally said yes last year. Then I couldn't just say yes and be sub-par at this billeting thing, if I was going to do it I had to do it right. Starting with the meals, because when Lorne played that's what he had, terrific meals.

Before our billet moved in I started practicing cooking. With just the three of us I had no idea about portions or how to make delicious carbtastic meals, I had just finished losing weight and we don't eat like that, I honestly hardly like pasta. And one thing I did know about hockey players was they need to eat a lot so I needed to be ready. (I'm not joking about the amount of pasta and boxes of chicken breasts we go through! Some may find it crazy, but maybe to others with a big family they think it's nothing.)

I wanted to share this because finding the balance in cooking meals for everyone can be challenging: my picky toddler who just wants KD or nuggets and fries, my billet teenager hockey player who can eat half a casserole, and me and Lorne. It can be challenging and some days I fail at that balance and other times I do really well. For me, I found the secret is to not just make one thing... (meaning I don't just make a cheesy pasta casserole). If I am making a carby meal like that I try to always have a salad and veggies, because then I just won't eat the carby stuff. Even on nights when I do something like tacos and tator tots I will have a taco salad instead. This way I am not eating something just because everyone else is and then regretting it later.

Don't get me wrong sometimes I fail at this and I will eat the carby meal with them but not usually. I know more than anyone that you could workout perfectly but still eat way more than you need to and then the scale won't move... you won't lose weight and you may even still gain weight. You truly cannot out run a bad diet, and if someone is telling you anything different - it's a lie. Balance and moderation in all your foods is always my best advice.

And if you're wondering: having our billet Levi now for his second year has been nothing but amazing. He became like our little brother and Penn's very best pal, and his whole family just became a part of ours. When I said yes, I thought last year was going to be the longest year ever with some strange teenager in our house. But I almost don't have words for how much he means to our family. Penn doesn't think of him of 'a hockey player' he is just his very best friend who if he could choose would hang out with him all day everyday and how sweet he is back to him it just is something special.

For the home opener he wanted to make a sign for Levi and his favs

(Levi, His mom & Penn)

So if you're wondering what my winter will consist of... a lot of hockey and a lot cooking. Have a great week guys!


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