Getting Back At It Is Hard

So by the time we go home from picking Penn up it was late Monday afternoon…lets be serious, after you get home from holidays you usually have a TON of laundry, your house needs a re-tidy, and you have no groceries. On top of all of that I just wanted to play with Penn. I wanted to hear all of his crazy half worded stories because he was too excited he couldn't get out all his words. So Monday & Tuesday both write offs. Then in my head I was still in vaca mode -

I made rice crispy cakes, I made cupcakes, home made popcorn, cookies ohhhh there was no limiting myself haha..I just wasn't feeling being right on my diet yet. Starting Wednesday I did get back at my workouts and surprising that first day doing 30 minutes cardio felt awesome. I don't know why I always get nervous but I do..I just always think I am going to wakeup fat again.

So from Vegas I gained 2 pounds. Do I really think I gained 2 pounds..not really. I think my sodium levels are way higher then normal, and I never drank enough water on our vaca. A long time ago I read that a normal body should and can fluctuate in-between 5 pounds…depending on those things, water, sodium, etc. Saturday I was semi having a little pitty party for myself…I just felt bloated & woke up with horrid cramps, not from anything other then food. AH why can't I just eat what I want, not get a tummy ache and not get fat?! wouldn't that be fabulous haha

So tomorrow I am getting right back at it. Now I would be lying if I didn't say Wednesday I said the exact same thing. I guess the difference from Wednesday is I didn't really mean it when I said it... I knew wednesday when I said "ok no more treats, lets get my meals back on track" I totally knew later that day I was going to have a Oatmeal chocolate chip cookie I made… Now I don't want anymore treats..I am sick of feeling all gross and bloated and I am ready to take the next few weeks before Christmas ensuring that when January 1st comes I am not wishing I was stricter on myself.

Getting back on your routine is hard though..I think it would be REALLY easy for me just to continue my snacking and eating SH*T until Christmas because "well its so hard with all these yummy things around" and "its Christmas time"..

BUT seriously you know what would be worse - when all of a sudden you realize all the hard work you have done is being undone and I REFUSE to let that happen. Would I love to eat cookies and cupcakes and chips and popcorn and fries and all things greasy and yummie…yes 100%. But I would rather feel good about myself and those things, they make me feel bloated and more tired and more hungry then I ever am normally. So yes BACK AT IT today!

Lets be serious though - the first 3 days are the worst..I know they are the worst, and I will hate every minute of it. But after that its a breeze, everything becomes just habit. You just have to get all the sugar and sodium out of your system…So if you see me the next few days maybe just beware..I may or may not be HANGRY.

Happy Monday All!!


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