Getting Stuck In Maintenance Mode

So lately I have been super busy and sucking, and the thing is I refuse to get stuck in maintenance mode (MM)

I have been stuck in MM for probably 2 weeks now. Not that I am really eating terrible or anything just having way more "treats" then I normally would. Like bags of chocolate covered almonds..Who is allowing these purchases, oh yea right -- me! The bag of popcorn I had last weekend, or the frozen yogurt I had twice this week, OR the Blackbeards homemade fries and gravy I had today (PS so so worth it haha) Not to mention my workouts have been a bit slack. Not lots just a bit more lolygagging to get down there and start so I don't have as much time or singing and dancing a ton inbetween my get your butt going, what are you doing! Maintaing is way different then trying to loose, you can for the most part have what your craving and it wont make a big difference the next morning. If your living a healthy lifestyle most of the time including eating right and working out "treats" are just fine and totally normal. The thing is I am not done, so these "treats" and slacking off are doing me no favours, I need to get my butt in gear and finish what I started so I don't get stuck. Oh and we go to Vegas in 3 months and I WILL NOT be looking back at a single picture and saying "ah is that what I look like" (well ok maybe if I am ripping drunk and doing a sleepy face can I say that) so MM needs to end right now!

I also have my race this coming weekend...I am scared. I mean yes I know it is only 5km and I run that twice a week. The thing is running still makes me nervous, I still have bad runs where I just don't have it, and good runs where I feel awesome. I still hate that people drive by and see me.. I seriously ask Lorne to secretly find a way to tape me because I wonder if I look just like a mess when I run. haha.

I just want to feel good with myself about the effort and the time I do on Saturday. I don't want to end and be like "well that felt terrible" I want it to be my best run yet.

The thing is to me running truly is way different than anything else working out wise, especially outside. You have to try to control your pace, your form, your breathing, plus of course ensure you have the proper song playing. And if you know me, I am NOT coordinated, so this is alot for me to keep up with. Oh if your wondering-no I still don't love it. ha I don't know if I ever will, but I am doing it!

Regardless of what your last week was, what better day then a Monday to start fresh!


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