Growing Up And Getting Older

So sometimes it's when I am bored or something that I see, or someone I see when I realize I really am 'growing up' and getting older, I don't think it really ever comes on my birthday for me because that's just a day..its not like anything changes 9/10 times on that day..its the other days in a year when you realize. For me driving to work this morning and waiting for my coffee I realized ah I am getting older..

When I look back it really makes me laugh - how when I was 20 I thought I was soo grown up..and my 'growing' had already peaked. In my head I was mature and knew everything in the world, I could probably solve all the worlds problems or any person ever had that year. haha Ill blame getting married at a young age on this..but in a reality I was just a punk who literally knew nothing about nothing haha

Being 25 somedays I think I am so young...then the next day I see a picture of a kids bum I changed turning 16 and feel old. Or when I look in the mirror and realize my face has a bit more lines or wrinkles..or when someone tells me they were out past 12..and all I can think of is the only time staying up back 10:30 is acceptable is when

a) you have a baby up sick or from a scared dream or

b) your laying in bed not able to fall asleep so your on Pinterest looking at all sorts of beautiful things you want.

By no means do I think I am fully "grown up" now..but I think I am more this year then I have been any other year I feel more 'mature'.

Now some people...I don't know that they ever "grow up"

In their head everything will always have a bit more drama, a bit more confrontation and a lot more unhappiness.

When I hear stories of someone judging or talking about someone in negative rude ways for a rumor they "heard- and of course its true" or their circumstances life has put them in at this time...well it makes me sad.

For nothing more then things you 'hear' are NON OF YOUR BUSINESS...

Someones marriage - none of my business

Someones job - none of my business

Financial status - none of my business

Look marriages are hard and what happens behind closed doors you don't know, people make mistakes and people drift and things don't always go as planned. Sometimes jobs and the appeal of them change..not to mention what you want my change. And money, its money - the richest of rich will always want more and if someone wants to build a big house or buy a nice car, or the total opposite then they get too..

Living in a small town where legit everyone knows everyone and if they don't they sure think they do this is all magnified. Seriously Miranda Lambert - Famous in a small town..this is our town. ha

So year it makes it hard to not be in everyones business but I sure try to keep myself away from it all.

NOW don't for a second think I have been this perfect kind person who has never judged another or discussed someone elses life - but in the last probably 2 years I can honestly say that I try to keep myself away from it all. And if I do have an 'opinion' on someone else..I 99% of the time keep it to myself or instead of judging I sympathise...because if I can't then who will.

I think what has helped me in 'growing up' is being fully aware of all of my flawes.. and not just accepting them but trying to work on them such as:

-I am bossy

-I am impulsive

-I hold grudges

-I have a temper

-I am sensitive & cry easily

-I am not good with my words

-When angry I go for the jugular and say things I don't mean

-I am socially awkward

-Sometimes I am TOO honest

BUT I am also aware of my strengths:

-I am protective

-I am a good listener

-I love with my whole heart

-I am dedicated

-I am creative

-I will always have my families & friends back regardless of the situation

If there is any advice that I thought always stood out in my head it would be:

*** Be kind..for you will always be remembered for the type of person you are more the things you do or what you have

* Take a compliment..If someone is being sincere with their words say 'thank you'..don't knock yourself down

* Give a compliment..if something you see is really nice (someones makeup, outfit, home) say can really change someones day

* Don't ever forget that someone could need your help..and if you have the means financially or emotionally to help - then do it.

I am so blessed to have my two boys which I love so much and all my family and friends that mean the world to me. Life really is TOO short to not be happy and positive.

So I hope you all have a FABULOUS Monday and don't forget each day is a new day to start over :)


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