Hey, you're the Bowflex girl!

Three years ago if you would have told me the amount of times I'd be called this one day..I would have laughed, and laughed and told you never.

Because three years ago I had just had my son and this was me...

  • I was a full on junk food junkie
  • I never worked out
  • I wanted quick fixes, and skinny tomorrow promises.
  • What's worse is I thought this was just how I was to be.

Going into the delivery room to have my son, I weighed 245 pounds..that wasn't baby weight, and it sure wasn't just 'going away' after. You can read all about my weight loss story here.

I wrote that last August, and even then I didn't know what was to come next because me, small town girl from Estevan SK, was going to be getting her family flied to LA to be in the next treadclimber commercial!!


The whole experience in LA is still a year later totally surreal to me. I loved my treadclimber before, truly. But after this amazing experience - I just loved it that much more. This company and these employees, they care. They believed in us and in their machine and to me that's pretty amazing.

Read all about my experience here

In December 2014 my National Winter Ad was aired, you can watch it on YouTube here.

My full testimonial is on their webpage found here www.treadclimber.ca

I was beyond pleased with how Bowflex put me together in these videos…if you recall in my "My Trip With Treadclimber" post I cried a lot during the day, and being honest I had a couple sleepless nights after just worrying if I was able to get my story across as well as I wanted to. Not that they made me feel that way, but because, well I am a worrier. That day shooting and them asking me questions it was very real and brought up a lot of emotions... and how they were able to put together this piece and share my story so honestly, and accurately; I was so happy.

Literally the day it aired I had friends and family from down the street to North Carolina who were seeing my commercial on TV. The response was more than I could have ever imagined and I am still so thankful for everyone being so sweet. The first time I saw the commercial was a couple days later and in full irony I was on my treadclimber (not a word of a lie!)

Then it was like I was everywhere… haha well maybe not everywhere - but for someone who isn't used to all this attention I felt like it haha. In a good way of course!

Cafe Mom featured me

I was on CBC radio, listen here

And my local newspaper wrote a FULL page write up: all found here

Then there were brochures being mailed out, and I was all over their website that of course my friends would have to send me pictures of.

Still, I will be out with Lorne, or in line getting food, or at the hardware store and people will be like 'Hey you're the Bowflex girl… like with the walking machine!!' and every time I turn beet red and I laugh because every time I think I used to crush poutines weekly, I was the girl who wore flowy shirts and watched the patterns I wore because I didn't want anyone to notice my size… and to now be associated with such amazing company for changing my lifestyle… it's just… humbling and very special.

But what truly means the most to me, and I really don't even have words for it, is when I have had people in town, or on social media tell me they ordered a treadclimber because of me, or they were inspired to get back and workout because of my story. Because to me that is just amazing.

Before this machine there was nothing that I could stay committed to, nothing that gave me the results I needed to see and belief in myself that I could do this!

I always tell people losing weight is in my opinion a total mind game... you have want it and if you have the right mind set and a machine that is giving you results you're going to want to keep pushing yourself, keep seeing what else you can achieve. And I will always be so thankful for my treadclimber!

So if you're wondering if I think you should order a treadclimber… I don't know why you wouldn't. If I can do this… trust me when I say, anyone can do this!

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