How Does She Do It?!

So come on..we have ALL said. We have been in a conversation with one of our mom friends or relatives..and thought in our head..

"Seriously how does she do it"

SO last week I am having a play date with one of my girlfriends who not only has a 3 year old..but also a 6 month old baby. It was a more last minute date as we were suppose to get together Friday but changed & did it Thursday. We got there at 9:45am and both her girls were dressed adorably with headbands and tights (seriously the cutest girls) she looked fabulous and her house was immaculate.

I wasn't their probably 10 minutes and I couldn't help myself from thinking…

'How does she do it all'

If we went to my house would have been tidy..everything looking clean but not its best.

I would have had dishes in the sink I was too lazy bones to do the night before..and we were rushing so I didn't wipe my counters after breakfast or put away all of Penns toys before we left. Not to mention on weekdays Penn needs to be with his dad all morning..which now includes trying to shower with him, 'shave' with him, brush his teeth with the bathroom usually looks like a whirl wind after its all said in done. Which I never had a chance to clean up.

But isn't this what all of us moms do..or is it just me!?

We all want to be fabulous kick a** moms whose house is always clean, their kids always listen & have fabulous manners, go to work, makes awesome meals, is in shape, makes crafts with their kids, plans cool parties - just all around has it all happening!

But come on…Is that possible?! And if it is can someone please share their secrets!

I think regardless each of us moms have our strengths and as hard as it is to not compare and feel bad about our selves for not being as crafty or clean as another mom, we should be reminded of the things we DO fabulously…

So it got me thinking..

What are my strengths as a mom? I think this is something we should all be able to do..hell I know some days I need to remind myself what I can do right when I feel like everything is going wrong haha.

These are what came to my mind..

I am very hands on with learning & playing

I always try to find new fun things for us to do

I will always throw kick a** birthday parties

Disney movie & Superhero Trivia I excel in

As long as Penn likes I can assist him to have better style then most adults

But lets be serious here…there is sooo many things I struggle in haha like…

Some days I don't shower

Some days its 10am and I feel all my patience has been used for that day

Some days I am in my PJ's the whole day

Some days I get busy cleaning or doing something that I have to stop and think what all did Penn and I play with today together

Some days I skip my workout or purposely rest on a week day and workout on a weekend when Lorne is here

Some days its 4:30 and I still have NO idea what I am making for super

Some days I don't do my dishes until the next morning

Some days I don't make my bed

So somedays I just am not as wicked as I wish I was…but I think for the most part I am doing O.K…and for me that is enough!

I think all of us moms sometimes put a bit to much pressure on ourselves and lets be serious doesn't this E-card pertain to most of us??

So on this Monday..try not to knock yourself down, or feel bad that you aren't as cool as 'Stacys mom'!

Because I am positive you have at least 3 things your great at that someone else isn't!


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