"I am OK with being average"

I have been wanting to talk about this for so long, but I have been so worried that maybe it just wouldn't be a good post, that maybe I wouldn't get my thoughts out just right.

Then last week Eric blogged about it here, WITH STATS! And I thought "wow this is a thing, it isn't just me thinking it.

What happened to being OK with average?!

Now to clarify when I say 'average' I am actually meaning normal -- in my head of vocabulary that's what I think average means, normal.

With losing weight it took me a while to realize that I should be proud of how much I had lost and not embarrassed of that number or worry about how much more I had to go.

I'd see friends on social media doing marathons or bikini fitness competitions, both things that take intense training and commitment and here I thought "well I'm just losing weight, it's not like its anything special."

It wasn't until a friend messaged me after seeing me out that I finally realized "hey this is something to be proud of too" and I decided to be so brave and post it! And I am SO glad I did!

I just have always worried that the 'norm' is becoming this: in order to be considered living a 'healthy fit lifestyle' you have to do some competition to prove it... and I just want you all to know that you don't!!

Work out at home, go to a class with your friends, sign up for 5 km race... these things count and matter!!

And you know what if you run farther than you ever have, or felt strong flexing, or lost 5 pounds - SHARE THAT! (I am not saying you need to Instagram every time you're at the gym haha). But tell your girlfriend, update your Facebook status... something! I love when I see my friends flexing, or sharing that their jeans don't fit, or that they crushed a workout. It is exciting and motivates me to want to do great things too, and if everyone can motivate each other, why not?!

Now, do some people love to compete, love to run, love to get on a stage? ABSOLUTELY! And I am always sooo amazed by people who can, just neither will be for me.

Marathons - my weak ankles and knees want to break down after 5k, not to mention I actually don't love running. Fitness comps - I don't have the dedication to eat the way they do PLUS let's be serious - with my clumsiness & luck I would fall off the stage

I am OK with being average. I am ok with working out regularly and having an average body shape. I lost more than just a bunch of weight, I changed my lifestyle...Now do I wish I had rock hard abs, a lean body and lungs that could let me run like the wind...of coooourse I do. But I don't and that's OK!!

I never thought it would be normal for me to workout regularly, or for Penn to ride his bike and me run beside him, or do pushups when I want... because those bad boys are hard and I couldn't do one before! So me being 'average' is an average I never thought I could achieve and I am proud of that!

So I want to challenge everyone to do something 'normal' and in every way 'achievable' with me. Tomorrow I am starting the 30 day squat challenge. I have done it before and I want to do it again! You need zero equipment for this and IT WORKS! 

Even using that same photo, and lets do this - 50 squats today!

I'll even post my pics after again too!

Let's start and let's be down with average, whatever your 'average' may be!


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