If you don't like something, change it!

I have always been a firm believer of 'If you don't like something, then change it!' Now before, I only used to apply this to things like my wardrobe, wall colours, jobs etc. But truth be told, you can use that motto for everything, like yourself.

Last week I wrote about being in a bathing suit and how I loved swimming and just enjoying time with Penn... but I also said how if it wasn't for Penn's smile in my bathing suit picture I could have picked it apart. Truthfully, I think everyone has their 'problem areas' or things that will always bug them, but this last week it got me thinking: why don't I do something about it then! Time to 'change it.'

Ok so I didn't like my uneven tan... This is an easy one - self tanners!

If you are still regularly going to a tanning bed, please stop. It took one sad article after I had Penn about a young mom who just found out she had skin cancer to stop tanning in those things! A tanned body is going to mean nothing if you can't see your baby(s) grow up! Plus, these products are not what they once were. Jergens Natural glow is one of the best products I have personally found yet. There is hardly a smell and no streaks. Now, if you miss a spot sure it will show, but it is natural looking (not orange) and stays for about 4 days. Trust me, try it!

Secondly I didn't like my bloat/fluffiness. This one is not as quick a fix... but something I can take charge on with more than just lemon water!

It's summer, which means holidays, BBQs, patio drinks, sunflower seeds at the campground, weddings... you name it. There are 100 excuses out there, and I have been giving in to almost everyone... but guess what?! I am done with them.

There will always be excuses and if I was feeling not my best then I need to change myself. I have always said it's not just about a goal number, it's a lifestyle change and how you feel about yourself and balance is SO important. I think enjoying those things is important... BUT sometimes a girl's gotta check herself too... and right now I am wanting to push myself harder than I have been lately.

Starting with my workouts.

Mostly just having a plan. Lately when I get down there I spend a lot of time figuring out what I want to do instead of all the time just 'doing' it. So tonight I wrote out my workout plan for the week!

Here is my leg day for tomorrow:

25 minutes on the Treadclimber

Squats for the day

10 Leg Extensions x 3

40 Lunges x 2

30 Jumping Jacks x 3

30 Second Wall Sits x 3

15 Donkey Kicks x 3

15 Fire Hydrants x3

20 Calf Raises x 3

If I am not slacking that should be about a 45 minute workout, but I promise you I will be sweating the whole time! You feel free to try it too! I already feel way more excited about my workouts.

And if you're feeling in a funk about anything then change it! Because just wishing something was different isn't going to do anything. Make a plan and crush it!

Here is a picture from my weekend when Penn asked ME to go on a run... just love this boy!


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