It's a New Year – and anything is possible

2016, It's a New Year – and anything is possible.

Every year in January, you can honestly say you are having a fresh start. What happened last year no longer matters. If you are using the new year for a 'new you' resolution that's fantastic!

Maybe you had great intentions last January but they fell short of where you wanted them to be, or maybe you are just tired of feeling tired and need to start, need to try something different. Wanting to start and then actually starting are the best things you can do! Don't feel any shame for using the New year to start a New you. I think whatever you use for motivation that gets you going should be celebrated and what a better motivation then a 'New year.'

For me I knew I wasn't happy with myself for awhile before I finally ordered my treadclimber. My clothes were all snug, I was asking my husband daily 'if I looked fat in this' and I truly just felt bad about myself. So I made the investment in myself and the belief in myself that this time I could do it and ordered one. Was it scary? Yes! Did I always know what I was doing? No! But I kept going, kept trying. And seeing the results, seeing how much better I was feeling after my workouts that's what kept me going! So take your progress pictures, keep trying and most importantly keep going. Don't say to yourself "will I work out today?" ask yourself "when will I workout today" don't tell yourself your 'dreading' your workout, get excited for it, pumped yourself up! Don't expect to change yourself in 30 days or less. If your like me and struggled with your weight for awhile expect it to take a while to come off. Nothing happens over night and the consistency and belief in yourself is going to keep you going, and give you the results.

So what are my New Years resolutions –

Drink less wine – I lovvvvve wine, so I can't give it up. BUT I would love it to be more of an occasional thing then a weekly thing.

Try juicing – I feel this is the biggest thing right now, and I have tried one THRIVE juice (Regina based juicing company) and loved it, unfortunately not living there makes it hard to always get some. So maybe I will invest in a juicer or see if there is monthly shipments you can get? Not sure yet but something I totally want to look into.

Shop less, enjoy what I have – This is more of on going thing. I am a shopper and I love clothes, but I honestly can say instead of finding pieces I love I will just always buy the newest colour, or style even if it isn't a 'love' So I want to get rid of things I don't love or don't fit and enjoy the pieces I love and buy more staple investment pieces. (like a flowy good white T! Why is it so hard to find?! Any suggestions??)

Continue to find the balance - This year I want to be my fittest yet, so I need to figure out how to do that and still enjoy all the things I love.

I think being healthy isn't just a physical thing, but a mental thing too. Being positive, being happy those things are just as important to me as working out and eating right. And a New Year is a perfect reason for everyone to start fresh and be healthy!

So here's to 2016 and to a better you, let's make this the best year!



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