Life Happens for Everyone

I'mmmmm baccccck :)

I am a true believer of fitness should be a part of your life, not your whole life. Balance is important and sometimes even though you have the best intentions life runs away on you and you don't get your workout in.

Guess what- thats ok, there is no point beating yourself up and getting down on yourself when you can just make a plan and start fresh.

My last 30 days have been crazy. Meaning my workouts have been very sporadic and my posts not there.

It started with Penn getting a brutal cold for a week and then I got it for at the next week. It was the one where you are running a fever, couldn't talk because it felt like razor blades in your throat - just awful. Penns hockey finished up and our billet playoff run finished too. So hockey was pretty much a full time thing.

Then we had Penns 4th birthday. He of course wanted a skating party with his friends then we took him to a hotel in Regina for swimming.

It's hard to believe he is 4 now... I don't know where time went! But he really is the most amazing boy - I mean come on, what 4-year-old wants his full birthday party dedicated to his billet with a cake that says, 'You're the best - love you, Levi.' I will always love this boy more than words can say!

So needless to say, my workouts have not been on point. I don't like this, but it happened and now I need to just reset myself and get back to my consistent game. It's now a new month, life has settled back down and I'm ready to crush April.

So, when you have a couple weeks or like me a full month where you weren't as consistent as you like to be, what do you do....

You make a plan, and you START! Don't doubt yourself and just do it.

My plan is 5 days 30-minute treadclimbers with a leg day and arm day in there. Next week I I'll move up to more 'weight days' with my cardio. But I always like to start small and move up.

I also found a killer jam that just pumps me up everytime -

Download it- I highly recommend it!

Life happens, get back on the schedule you want and enjoy it!

Have a great week, guys!


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