Love your body and don't miss out on fun!

It's summer now which means the dreaded... Bathing suit season!

Now let's be serious for a second here, let me tell you about the awkward things girls face in a bathing suit:

A) Are your boobs in... OK, maybe for people who haven't had kids or got theirs fixed (high 5 to you!) they don't need to worry about this. But let me say, those things of mine have a mind all their own and they try to come out the bottom or out the side at any which time, which can make the adjusting always important.

B) The water slide gives you a wedgie every time! And you're going to need to adjust that, and there is no cute way so just get it done.

C) You think you're gonna stay all cute with your dry hair and mascara... But as soon as you get wet your hair gets all stuck to your head and you have black running beside your eyes.

D) There is no way to hide bloat... None. And my body can bloat like no one's business, so this one is always fun when you're around people half naked.

So, we decided to make a trip down to Minot and stay in a hotel, go water sliding, go to the zoo and hang out. When we told Penn he was SO excited, like screaming excited- this boy of mine loves the water!

Me, on the other hand... I actually don't know how to swim, and I think I will always be afraid of wearing a bathing suit in public... Now will I - yes ... But do I necessarily want to - No.

Before swimming we went to the Olive Garden and since it's a holiday trip, I went for it ha-ha. I had 3 breadsticks plus my meal (which I couldn't even eat half because I was so full on the bread and salad). Oh, and the night before we celebrated a friend's wedding soo, I was already feeling bloated from what I drank -- So you know, I was just all around feeling yucky that I had to put a bathing suit on.

Then we get down there and Penn is LOVING it! Like going nuts!! This boy doesn't care what I look like in my bathing suit, he just cares that I am in there with him!

At the end of the night, I looked around and realized there was probably 20 adults in there with kids, and me and another lady were the only moms in our bathing suits swimming. All the other moms were in shorts or sitting on the sides watching, and this made me more sad than my earlier thoughts of having to just put it on. Why do we as moms do this to ourselves?? Why put so much pressure on wearing the bathing suit that we forget how much fun it is when you're wearing it with your littles!

We went on those water slides so many times I can't even tell you a number- and multiple times I drowned a little but kept Penn up ha-ha. So here is a picture right after a slide.

Now when I look at that picture, I want to pick myself apart--

I'm so bloated,

My tan isn't even,

And my boobs are everywhere ha-ha.

BUT look at Penn's face… It was a blast and he loved it and that's all that matters!!

Life isn't a 'photoshoot' with perfect lighting and HD cameras and perfect angles. So go out and enjoy it!! Enjoy your friends you haven't seen in a while and have some drinks, when you go for supper have the bread, and put the bathing suit on, your little ones will love it!

And when you get back to your normal schedule- drink all the lemon water and crush your workouts like a beast!


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