More Home Gym Advice Worth Checking Out

As home gyms gain popularity, we’ve passed along some timely advice for those thinking about their own private and convenient workout space. In addition, we’ve introduced you to some of the experts behind that advice – along with stories of their own home gym experiences.

We’d like to recommend a few more home gym expertise sources who could help clarify your decision-making process and fire up some extra inspiration. Whether you’re looking to start small, are building up around existing equipment, or have a sound plan for a bigger home gym project, these sites, pages and YouTube Channels are worth a visit.


Want to Know More About Our Experts and Others Like Them?

 Check out the Top 10 Home Gym Review Websites for 2021, hosted by U.S. equipment distributor Freedom Fitness. The company offers home gym planning to its customers, so its interviews on the subject are always on-point. Many offer companion video tours of home gyms built up over years by people who really know how to put them together.


Shed Gyms, You Say?

Even if you’ve heard of home gyms, basement gyms, garage gyms, and corner-of-the-room gyms shed gyms might still be a new one for you. If you’re one of over 2 million followers of Matt Does Fitness, you may have caught his four-part series on building a shed gym.

(WARNING: You may hear the occasional spicy lyrics in the high-energy background music of certain building montages. If that sort of thing bothers you, you might want to turn down the sound or hum really loudly because you won't want to miss seeing how this project comes together.

Would you like a shed gym but prefer to spend less time and money than Matt did? Garage Gym Reviews host Coop (profiled here) and Shred Shed offer some great tips for building and equipping your backyard gym on a budget.

You can even create a shed-like atmosphere in your garage. Gluck’s Gym emanates from a garage-turned-wooden fitness palace, which may spark your exercise cave-building fire. Before you get started, check Gluck’s excellent tips on construction and equipment.


Want a Gym that Motivates You to Work Out?

Good Housekeeping offers a stimulating collection of garage, basement or bedroom gym decorating ideas. In addition, HGTV has 30 excellent tips on making any space the place to get fit. Other great inspiration sources include Shape and Blender Bottle. Finally, of course, you can’t go wrong with design advice from the American Council on Exercise.


Looking for Your Ideal Cardio Machine?

Catch detailed reviews on the Treadmill Review Guru and Learn with Travis channels.


Get More Great Home Gym Advice and Ideas at Flaman Fitness.

Looking to buy a single bar? Complementing equipment you own? Equipping your well-planned exercise circuit? The Experts at Flaman Fitness can show you the equipment and accessory options that match your budget, available space and fitness goals.

Drop by your nearest Flaman Fitness location and discuss building the home gym you can’t wait to work out in.

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