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When I decided to blog, I knew I had to be 100% honest, if I wasn't then what was the point. Therefore I shared all my weights, my pictures, and my struggles. Not to be all "Oh look at me" but because thats what's real. After posting I received some of the most heart felt and kind messages. It was truly heart warming and when people say words like "inspiring or motivational" it really meant more to then I could express. Then Monday I was feeling like well maybe I wasn't being totally honest, I never showed 'my' progress pictures. You know the pictures I have on my phone to reference back to myself..

*side note* I decided when I started to eat healthy & work out that I needed progress pictures, I am my hardest critic and I needed to be able to see the small changes, or I was scared I would give up. Before we went to Mexico in January 2013 I ordered a bathing suit I had seen on Pintrest, it was beautiful and I thought it would look ok on me...oh jeepers it was awful! As soon as I put it on I cried, I knew it was bad. Luckily I found another in time that had rouching and a little skirt and I felt not bad in it.

But back to the progress I knew that the bathingsuit that made me cry had to be what I would use. So every few weeks I would put it back on and take a pic, then of course do a side by side and look for any change what so ever! Then just a couple weeks ago when I went to put it on, it was all saggy and clearly didn't fit. We were going camping the next week and I knew I would need a bathing suit so I went to Target, I tried on one bikini (as their one piece selection was slim) it was 40 bucks, I figured even if I just wear under a shirt at least I have something.

I felt if I am being honest I should keep myself actually accountable... because there is nothing more accountable than a bathing suit...there is no hiding with good fitting jeans, or a nice flowy top..that shit is ALL you!

SO I did it, I posted it on instagram no filter was terrifying..not liberating at all..just terrifying. To me the picture on the left was beyond embarrassing and I hadn't even worn the bikini while camping because I was too self conscious.

Well you all amazed me...all of the kind messages blew me away, I was humbled all day, if you would have asked me 5 months ago if anyone would ever think I was "inspiring" I would have laughed in your face. I was the girl who ate McDonalds and my friends would tell me "You dress really well for your body type"

Then the fact it was featured on 2 fitness accounts that day..the one getting over 900 likes... like WTF! I just have no words. All of the comments and just pushes me more, and inspires me to push myself harder and to not give up!

Progress sometimes is slow and we are not always where we want to be..but if I can change my lifestyle and become healthy and active...then ANYONE can! You just have to have dedication, stop looking for willpower, that will come. Just dedicate yourself to it.

Love You ALL!


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