My Second Shopping Channel Experience

Well, let me just start by saying wow, what an experience!! Annnnother SELL OUT!! Ahhhh!!

I never in 100 years would have thought people would respond to my story like this, that someone would say things like 'you're an inspiration' or that you could 'have results like me'. I really don't have words, it's so honouring and humbling.

I always say it, to me I'm a super average person. I am awkward and silly and even a touch outrageous sometimes. I don't look like a fitness model or pretend to be one, but I do just love telling people about this machine because for what it did for me and if people can relate to me that is something that I will never find words for because it's so amazing and surreal to me.

When I got to Toronto and found out they were hoping to sell almost 5 times the treadclimbers than my previous time, I honesty wanted to puke. Not that anyone ever made me feel pressured I just instantly felt so scared!

All the feelings and thoughts I had racing through my mind basically consisted of 'oh my goodness what if I can't do it and let all these people feel dissapointed'

But then off to makeup I had to go ... So, no real time to sit and worry.

My first show was 10pm Saturday night with host Richard Nester.

As soon as the show started, he instantly had me feeling comfortable. He was asking all the normal questions and it was more just of a conversation. After that first show my worries basically flew out the window. The sales in the first show were huge... And everyone around the studio was beyond excited!!

In the studio it's crazy how quickly things move and happen, not to mention watching the cameras, having someone talking into your ear and seeing the screen in front of you with what the audience sees.

If you're wondering during the shows it feels like a total blur, I can feel my hands doing weird things and my feet 'dancing' around and being basically just awkward. But I can't stop myself I just do and say whatever comes to my head.

As for what I'm saying every word I mean- I wouldn't do these shows if I didn't actually care about this machine.

I am truly passionate about the results of this machine, and I believe that if someone is consistent with it they will have them too. This machine honestly changed my life and I know I wouldn't be were I am today without it. That's why I always love talking about it, it why I do truly recommend it to everyone I know, or never mind when random people message me on Facebook to ask a question or want my advice and why I love doing these blogs.

I really do love the treadclimber.

I'm also a regular person so that doesn't mean I don't notice all the weird things I say and want to pick my own self apart after like;
- Truthfully, honestly
- Absolutely
- Oh, exactly
- Pounding sensation

Hahaha why do I say these things, and each and every show I did, and it would drive me nuts in my head like I just wanted to find different words, but I couldn't, so sorry about that.

I also knew I would want to pick apart my flaws in the shows. Seeing yourself on live tv is weird. The cameras are straight on and they things they catch or show sometimes are just not flattering for anyone. But that's also what makes it real. But I do want to do more core more than ever now, ha-ha.

They also had me in the most hugest, prettiest dressing room that I would have wanted in my own home. It was all white and just beautiful. And this picture is only half of it, I felt like a spoiled princess and I kinda loved it :)

So, the second days shows went by rather quickly and we SOLD OUT again, and before my day was supposed to even be done!

Everyone around the studio was sooo sweet and just excited and of course we're beyond kind to me. They kept promising i wasn't awkward on air and didn't even believe me that I was an awkward person. That made me laugh. I also giggled at how everyone said my name, I would never correct someone ever with it but they all say it 'shawndel' so I would get a good giggle in my head the whole time.

If your wondering what my favourite part of it all - it was probably all the support and love from my family and friends. How many of my friends watched my shows, sent me messages, pictures, snaps, even made fun of me. It truly meant so much and made it all even more exciting

After each show my phone would be blown up, and it made my heart so happy each time.

I truly am beyond blessed with the people in my life!

What was the hardest part of the shows?
*Repeating yourself, and trying to remember what you haven't already said in this show and how to make it different then previous shows.
*Figuring out what to wear - the first time I went I just wanted to ensure everyone was happy and liked my outfits. This time I wanted to be comfortable and ensure I liked it. So I went with all my favourites. I also treated myself to new Nikes which I am beyond in love with!

So that was it, all the makeup and hair was fun, and I loved being all dolled up

But this is me and I was glad to have a clean fresh face and go back to my boys in Saskatchewan!! :)

So to everyone that tuned it- thank you. These experiences are something I will cherish forever.

Have an amazing week guys, if you wondering my BRAND new TC200 treadclimber is being set up right now by my lovey husband so I will have a full review next week!!! Can't wait to try it and share with you!

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