My trip with TreadClimber

What a crazy last week - I am honestly sitting here still thinking 'Did that really happen?'
The last week has been so amazing and I am just mostly so nervous I will miss filling you in on something!
So Ill start from the beginning.

Our Flight was Friday morning at 10am from Minot (so 2 hour drive for us)…meaning up at 5am for me.
Penn was ecstatic! He was yelling 'I going to LA' ..just heart melting stuff-

2015-05-20 8:39:54 PM

First flight was a total sinch. It was a 50 minute flight and Penn was just happy to be looking around. Then we had a 2 hour lay over…
ah now side note because your gonna hear about this lots..Penn is very scheduled, he naps by 11:30 almost everyday for at least an hour and a half then asleep for the night by 7:45 at the latest... He doesn't just fall asleep on us, or on a couch - never has.
He likes his bed, and his blankie…jeepers the kid only likes his Cars potty -- he took the whole "scheduling" thing at 8 months and well it stuck!
So second flight we needed him to fall asleep or lord help us all…well not even 10 minutes in he had about a 5 minute mini melt down and then was out! (not going to lie, I also gave him half a kids Gravol which he totally could have had a full..judge me if you want but I knew it was best for everyone.) Naps do this kid wonders!!

When we arrived at LAX there was a man standing (with my name) ready to help with our bags -- we then got in this black suburban where there was a duffel bag full of presents.
I was blown away already and totally not expecting all that!!
Totally felt like someone important haha
They even had a little special Cars bag just for Penn and yes it made me tear up with kids healthy bars, bubbles, a Cars water bottle, sunscreen, a hat, crayons and a colouring book and a white board. I mean my bag of stuff was awesome too (Protein bars, all sorts of healthy snacks, gum, lip chap, chocolate, free classes at the hotel, so many other cool things but the coolest for sure was the Bowflex Boost - which keeps track of your steps, calories & distance. I really can't wait to try it out and will for sure give a full review on it!)
They really just made us feel special from the start.

The hotel was the Fairmont in Santa Monica, it was very beautiful…
I felt in normal circumstances I wouldn't have fit in here - hahaha
a) I don't drive a Porsche or Range Rover but I wish I did ;)
b) When I turned 13 I didn't have a huge party at a hotel that looked like it should be on that MTV show My Sweet 16 haha (seriously this 'party' looked like a wedding - straight craziness)
But honestly the staff was so nice and the rooms were great!Plus the location was amazing!

We took a walk down to the Pier & checked out the beach - oh and of course Penn being fearless wanted to just jump in the water..even though the waves would have just swooped him up!

2015-05-20 8:41:29 PM

Penn surprisingly went to sleep in the bed so good…we didn't quiet know what the 'hotel stay' would be since we didn't have a door we could close…but we hid in the bathroom and he fell asleep right away haha not joking..everytime we would hang out in the bathroom for the 5 minutes while he fell asleep. The things you do for your kids!

Saturday I woke up feeling a bit sick (great timing) So got in a good morning workout then we walked around downtown where I got to make a very quick Lululemon stop :):0 Bought the Peace of Mind Tank

Then we let Penn have a nap in the room then did some swimming.

Hotel Gym

Hotel Gym

That night I got to meet all the Bowflex people at a party (Lorne and Penn were invited too but he fell asleep by 730 so Lorne just stayed back and I went)

I wore my new white Peace of mind tank and energy bra from Lululemon & my distressed Hollister jeans

It was so exciting to finally put names and faces together! Everyone was literally the sweetest..and I found out people in this 'industry' don't age apparently and everyone looks WAY younger then they actually are..I don't know what it is they are doing..but jeepers sign me up for it.
Not joking the guys too.
I chatted lots with Vanessa from Boston, she had lost 50 pounds and was hilarious and kept asking me about my 'arm routine', her husband was from Jersey Shore and both were really into sports, so we had lots to discuss! And Bobbi from Ontario who lost 50 pounds & had never been on a flight before and who also doesn't have Facebook - like I thought everyone had FB by now..I mean my mom does ha! But she has 3 kids under 5 and I seriously was trying to sway her to move to my City!! haha just loved her!
But it was just funny how I sat in-between these 2 ladies and literally clicked with both right away! Since I wasn't already feeling great, and I had my shoot in the morning, I figured it would be best to stick with water…even though I felt like with those two I could have really gotten silly ;) ha

Me Vanessa Bobbi

The Shoot:

Sunday morning I woke up and couldn't speak…my not feelings so great turned into a complete sore throat thanks body…I ordered green tea and honey as soon as I woke and was pounding it.

By 7 I could speak just a bit raspy.
The car picked us all up at 7:30..when we got down in the lobby..Penn being my child is climbing all over the stairs, and what do you know - right before we are about to get in the vehicle he smashes his lip crying and is bleeding all over Lorne. Ah I knew better then to even try to get in and help (Penn just wants his dad in those situations) so I just ran up and got the two new shirts.
So a fat lip for his morning shoot it was!
ah this boy

So the drive was about 30ish minutes and we stop at this parking lot (there is all these crew people and food tables and a couple food trucks)
I was instantly overwhelmed. This was already more then I expected - it was really cool!!
Then about 15 minutes later we take a drive down the street to this HUGE house..about 7.5million I guess
There were trailers and people everywhere….
For some reason in my head I thought that this was going in the like 12 people and a camera guy…I was wrong.
So into the Wardrobe trailer I went.
I had to try on bathingsuits as we were doing the pool scene first.
I brought my new black one, and then tried on a really pretty blue one piece, a green sportier one and the stripped one. Then the Stylist takes pictures and Michael (the Nautlis Bowflex guy who I have always been in contact with) and the director Bill choose.
This surprised me.
I thought the stylist choses what you wear but no she buys the clothes and the Director usually chooses.
Then to makeup, which I thought I would be like 'dolled' for this scene
But no again wrong - they wanted me mostly natural so that was really nice!! I felt like myself a lot.

Then everything just kept blowing my mind..

Their was the director, the camera guy, the lighting people, the sound girl and screens and people behind.
Just all around me people doing 'jobs'
They started with just me talking to the camera and saying how much I lost, and lines like 'I lost 105 pounds' 'walk' 'just walk on a treadclimber'

Then me, Penn & Lorne all got into the pool..Penn had been looooosing it to get in - then of course as soon as we do and our shooting he is all 'no mommy, all done' 'all done, out'
So as soon as we are done…he is allllll game for swimming. ah
After awhile we needed to get our of the pool because Bobbi was shooting her interview in the Pool House and Penn was just splashing and being a bit loud…well pulling Penn out turned things Siiiiiide ways..he was furious!! We went over to the other driveway and he was still hyperventilating.
By this time is about 11:00 -- nap time.
Well we calmed Penn and got him asleep in the production trailer around 1:30 and Lorne got to watch the Chicago/LA game so he was pumped.

At 3 we shot my 'Interview scene' Now if I was to title just this scene I would call it:
'Hot Mess'
They had me all positioned sitting on the end of the master bed talking to the camera..which was about a foot away I was wearing jeans and a white tank and the scene just looked really pretty and 'real' - and I felt awesome, just like myself..but prettier haha

As soon as I sat I could feel my body tensing….I knew I was going to tear up, I could feel it.
The director Bill started talking to me and it took me a good 2 minutes before in my head Im like 'frick we are shooting, everyone else is quiet!'
He started by asking me 'tell me about Penn' I reply 'He's crazzzzy he doesn't know what he wants, he is in and out and all over the place'
likkkkkkkkke what!?!? haha pardon?
Chandell who says that about their kid?!..the right mom thing to say would have been 'Penn is a very busy typical boy, who loves to run and be busy and it makes me so happy that I can keep up to him now'
not my kid is crazy! ah this is a good indication of my 'hot mess-ness'
Then each question he asked it was like I could feel my body either getting awkwarder or the tears building in my eyes.
Then he asked me 'and how does Lorne feel about the new you'…I fell apart. I had to get up and walk to the balcony for air…as I am standing their crying and the director & makeup came in - they are telling me how its ok and to take my time, and that they understand.
And I can't help but feel frustrated at myself.
See the thing is Lorne and I have been together since I was 15 - he has seen me through it all --and I wanted to say all these great things about how he is such a motivator and has always supported me and encouraged me on the days I needed it - but I couldn't get the words out.
I talk about this all the time - it doesn't bother me to talk about my weightloss or my struggles before at all..but for some reason - him asking me the questions and me taking that second to think and let my mind go in any direction, I couldn't do it…Then it just made me feel bad because I felt like I was letting the people down.
Im also not oblivious, time is money - and I was wasting time by crying! Ah
( NOT that they in ANY way made me feel like that..just I am a worrier and thats where my mind takes me, they were telling me to take more time and I am like no lets do this)
So I go back feeling ready to answer more questions like I am going to be able to do it …
I don't even remember what he asked and I fell apart AGAIN!!
ah so now I am just mad at I wanted to say so many things..
I wanted to say that I couldn't run 2 blocks before the tread climber and now I can go out for morning runs with ease and that I didn't have the confidence to do classes or try new fitness dvds and now because of the results and confidence the Treadclimber gave me I feel like I can do anything, that this machine LITERALLY changed my life..that I wouldn't be where I am if it wasn't for me ordering this machine.
There was SO many more things I WANTED to say and I just couldn't.. I couldn't get the words out with out crying and I just felt bad - And I just HOPE in-between my cry sessions I gave them enough that they can work with! They were so kind and understanding and for them, fingers crossed in the end I don't look like a hotness because I sure felt like it hahaha

I guess I shouldn't be surprised - This is just me, I am sensitive and awkward.
And before 'old chandell' was lazy and a quitter, and thats me putting it nice (honestly).
So answering the questions and giving me that second to think it just brought up so many real emotions that I couldn't control. Loosing weight was hard (mentally) - and the journey is real..if anyone tells you something different they are lying. Loosing 105 pounds is like a small person..and it made me a better person from the inside out, and I am just proud that I did it - how quickly I seen results and truly how easy this machine is!
So I wish I could have done better in my interview ..but it is what it is and Ill just hope they got enough.
…so that was my 'interview'

So right after my 'hotmess' I had to change into my dress for the 'getting ready' scene.
That was fun! I just looked into a mirror like I was 'checking myself out' - whicccccch trying to do naturally while 10 other people are in the room..haha who knows if I actually look awkward.
This is where I also learnt how much time things take. They cleaned that mirror like 5 times. And each slight adjustment of the camera meant a new spot for the marker for me to stand on. It was crazy. That small scene probably took 40 minutes. But it was fun and I felt pretty!

Then I changed into my workout clothes and got on the machine, I got to pull my hair up in a messy bun and they just 'cleaned it up' & was rocking lulu shorts so I felt like myself ALOT!
This scene was also funny - mostly because I had to take smile breaks and relax my mouth for seconds as I was doing it. haha who knew smiling could hurt your cheeks after a little while?! And I like smiling…smiling is my favourite. OH and I got new Nikes..that made me very happy! haha

After each 'scene' I also went to a white backdrop and got pictures done. When I was in my dress they also had Penn & Lorne come in for some pictures and I can't wait to see those!
I did see one of the 'athletic' wear pictures just briefly…and I thought it looked pretty, so fingers crossed they got some good pics to use too. I can be so awkward sometimes with my body so I tried to be as normal as possible!

Now if your wondering what else I learnt on set:

*The Director doesn't actually hold the camera or decide on the positioning of the I thought I mean I am sure he has the end say but most decisions were made by Roman (the camera guy..who totally actually was very good looking and had a strong German accent and was distracting to me ALL darn day haha)

*Every position has an assistant ..there is the assistant director, directors assistant and I am sure the assistant director had an assistant, there is a wardrobe assistant, makeup assistant, and production assistants .. seriously made me wish I had an assistant! haha

*Stuff takes a lot of time! Moving the camera an inch meant moving the mirror, meant moving where I stand, the way the door closed, what was on the wall. Seriously the things that they put together for each shot, its really amazing.

*They don't usually like you to wear black on camera

*The flash of the 'camera camera' can be actually annoying after awhile - So as I was shooting and after for just the photo shoots they use a big camera with a flash (like one paparazzi would use) and after a bit the flash starts to hurt your eyes..I only had one flash camera no wonder famous people always loose their mind…they normally have tons and I don't know how they would even walk without falling.

*They always have tons of food and water *healthy food like fruit, and granola bars, energy bars, trail mix and lots more!

*Whatever I wore on set I got to keep. Which was amazing and not expecting - So I got - a new bathing suit, a pair of gladiators, a whole new workout outfit with runners & heels. They ended up picking my jeans & tank & my black dress. One of my concerns was that I wouldn't look like myself and that wasn't an issue at ALL! I felt like myself all day!

*I have a strong 'accent' haha not kidding. Apparently the girls kept laughing at me because I thought we all sound the same..but no I guess I sound very Canadian..who knew? Oh and no I never say eh'…like ever so it was just the way I sounded I guess!

*The portable bathrooms were like so big stinky blue things

*lastly being a commercial is awesome! Everyone was sooo nice to me and really just wanted to make sure I was comfortable and happy!

Oh and if you wondering the whole afternoon after his nap Penn was a rockstar, just no problem at all!

So when I wrapped and was all done and ready to go back to the hotel - I gave Michael a hug and I fell apart again (ol' sensitive sally) haha
It was SUCH an amazing day and just so surreal, and so much more then I imagined. I was and still am just SO honoured to be chosen to be a part of it. It was amazing..and by far the coolest thing I have ever been a part of! Everyone I spoke to and met was amazing and I truly have new respect for people in this industry, it takes a lot of work and long hours to get done what we see as the final product.

I couldn't be more average and I just think that if this machine did this for me, it can do it for anyone!

So THANKS BOWFLEX!! It was so amazing, and I caaaaan not wait to see the end result!!!!!


The next day we walked the Venice Boardwalk and ate at BubbaGumps at the Pier.

Me telling Lorne - don't take a picture of me crushing this Bubble Gum ice cream..haha yes I am a child - its my fav!

Playing at the park

Just cuties

Lunch with my two favourite boys

2015-05-20 8:57:28 PM

After the walk - this guy jumping on the bed in his ketchup covered shirt haha awesomeness

So that was my Santa Monica Bowflex experience…pretty cool right?! I still can't believe it all happened!
Once I get pics or a video or something I will be sure to share!

Oh and if your considering it -- seriously buy a Treadclimber…its the best machine out there! And the company alone is just fabulous!

-I will try today to do another post on our Disney experience (which was AMAZING) but not sure if I will have time..if not for sure Monday!!

-Happy Friday!!!


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