Our trip to Disneyland

So when I found out about this amazing Treadclimber experience in California - I knew stopping at Disneyland would be a must -- it was almost like a sign, a little redemption from our last visit.
Now don't get me wrong, the last time I went it was such a great trip too..BUT I deleted a TON of pictures all because I was mortified that was me..I would go through and be like 'agh thats a bad angle, delete that one' or 'oh my god is that me, delete' I just wanted to be able to go through pictures and not be embarrassed. To go through and notice Penns face, or what we were doing or whatever else…and I did!!
So to start off -- here is 'Disney Transformation'

Well we started the day with checking in at our hotel:

The Disney Land Hotel

This place was so beautiful - I know staying at a 'Disney' hotel makes it more costly but it just really makes it such a more "disney experience"

The night light had a Tinker Bell button and you could turn it on & the fireworks 'went off' and music played - such a nice special feature (Penn loved it)

Well we also fudged up first thing too..which was pretty irritating. So if we would have walked out the back and turned left we would have been in Downtown Disney before entering the parks…well we accidentally went out the front then had to just do a walk around…Really only added about 20 minutes..but could have been easily avoided. This is where we realized how different Disney World & Disneyland were going to be. At 'world you can't really walk anywhere. You take Disney buses from your hotel to the parks and Downtown Disney at world' is at least double if not more Disneylands size.

When we got in the 'Disneyland' side Penn was just sooo excited and wanted to meet Buzz & Woody immediately - so we walked to Tomorrow land hoping we could run into Buzz but we didn't see him, so we hoped a Buzz ride would be ok to hold him over..

Ha!! Penn was chewing a Quest bar and clearly was making some lovely faces!

Thank goodness Buzz was right when you walked in 'talking' Penn thought the ride was ok..but was still just all about 'seeing his guys' AKA Buzz & Woody.

The real great thing about when we went was that it wasn't a 'Peak time' so for most rides & meets wait times were about 30 minutes. Which with a 2 year old was long enough.

Most times it didn't even feel like we were waiting that long…but on the ones were we could tell Penn was getting bored we could just pump him back up with talking about what we were about to do - And snacks…lots & lots of snacks.

I was actually surprised HOW much Penn was into meeting the Characters. I always like to go into these situations expecting the worse and never setting Penn up to 'fail'..so screaming & scaredness & if that was the case - its totally ok!!

Last year Penn wanting noooothing to do with Handy Mandy - I actually believed he almost cried, like this was close enough he was saying…which can you blame him?! this huge headed 'guy' wants a picture with him, so I think this & our 'Character Breakfast' was the only Character meeting we.

This year high fives for everyone!! He loved it!!

Aw heart melting..he doesn't even watch Pooh but he thought it was all awesome.

After this it was 11 ish and Penn was pooped! So we neeeeeded him to have a nap. I wasn't sure if we would try to just keep him going..but no we talked to him about how he needed to have a 'real special nap' in his stroller…and well if worked! Of course he was angry as hell for 5 minutes but after that he slept great for an hour an a half!! YEY!

After sitting on a bench for awhile Lorne got the great idea for just him to stand in line in a 'longer wait' line and then just pass Penn when they get to the front.

It worked out perfect!! Dumbo had a 50 minute wait and Penn woke literally 5 minutes before they got on!

2015-05-20 7:34:48 PM

I would have loved for Penn to meet the Frozen Characters as he is obbbssessed - but it was a 3.5 hour wait and only one of the girls would be there..no Olaf because he is on the roof -- So we figure this picture would do!

Penn LOVED meeting Disney & walking through his 'house'

Oh my goodness--- So as we are about to meet Pluto, these two kids (probably 7 boy & 4 girl) jumped in front of us - We just figured they were excited so no problem….then they tried to butt in front of the two girls in front of them and Lorne and I both were like 'oh my goodness whats happening' THEN when they go up to meet Pluto --the boy kept trying to push Pluto, then swatted his nose hard!!..everyone around like gasped.

Then the helper yelled at the kid to "never ever do that again" It was crazy & the mom didn't even give the kid heck…

and it just made me think like if I ever thought my kid was bad - NO my kid would never be that disrespectful, and holy hannah watch out if he ever was!!

Next we walked over to the other side California Adventures - Since we were only doing 1 day we decided to do the Hopper Pass where we could do both parks and I am SO glad we did! I found at Disneyland you could easily jump back and forth! BUT if your doing World…I totally wouldn't recommend it - it just takes to long and the parks are way bigger that you need a day if not 2 for the parks.

Penn finnnnally got to meet Buzz & Woody and seriously THIS made everything worth it…he was adorable!!

Penn stood here pacing -- waving and yelling 'HII WOOOOOODDY' his whole face was beaming, smiling ear to ear! My heart still melts when I see these pics.

Penn telling me Woody had to go get ready for the Parade

Now the Parade was just amazing!! Penn loved all the dancing and singing!

Next up we had to run to our hotel to have a pre booked dinner at Goofys kitchen! This is something I HIGHLY recommend to do on your Disney vaca. The buffets always have a TON of food and options and really the food is good, I am not talking best meal of your life--but definitely worth the money. PLUS Penn ate SOO much food - he thought it was the coolest that Goofy made him a special supper

K I know it doesn't look like it but he loooved meeting Minnie - he had just given her a big kiss!

After supper Penn was a bit pooped but we gave him some desert in hopes we could pump him back up and try to get to Cars land before it closed! Penn isn't really into Cars at all - but I didn't know if we would ever be back to 'land where it is - so wanted to at least check it out

We went so fast & we made it in time for 1 ride!

Luigis Tires

We then went back for the main Horses carousel in Disneyland before we called it a night!


The day was crazy and busy but so so worth it!! Penn loooooved it so much and is honestly still talking about it - tonight he was telling me how Goofy made him supper and he went up down on the 'Dolphin' (Tritans Carousel) ride but that he liked Buzz'z higgggh ride best. Haha. He thought the whole day was amazing - and even asked Friday when he could see Mickey again!

If your wondering -- we never had to use the 'leash backpack' Penn did SO great holding hands and going in his stroller…NOW don't get me wrong there was times he wanted to run, or not hold our hands..but for the most part we could talk and re explain the importance and he would do great.

This picture is so awesome ..because it really sums up one of our 'moments' where Penn just wanted to not hold hands haha

Then 3 steps later..owning hand holding haha!

Before all this Treadclimber experience - We have a trip planned to Disney World in the beginning of 2015 right before Penn turns 3 (so he is still free hehe) and I just can't wait!

I know people say 'Oh well they will never remember it' but he remembers it now -- and I will remember it forever! His face and his excitement is worth it over and over. At each age it will always be awesome ..just a different kinds of awesome.

So if your thinking of taking your toddler -- I totally say to do it! The day will be packed and crazy busy and I am sure you will get some sort of tantrum - BUT it will be such a special time that you will never forget!

I do think if you can Disneyworld is the place to go..its just bigger, and you could really feel the smallerness of Disneyland in my opinion!

Don't be afraid to bring snacks & drinks!

Yes you will buy maybe ice cream, and food & maybe a drink there, but there is no reason you can't bring your own waters and little snacks through the days for your kids.


The next morning was straight down to the pool. We didn't have to leave the hotel till 12 so we had a full morning of swimming, and Penn LOVEEED it!

This hotels 'pool area' was super impressive. 3 Different sized slides, 2 hot tubs & 2 pools!

Very nice!

Sooo I love Disney..always have & always will.

And even though this was the quickest and busiest Disney trip..it was by far the best! I CANT wait till next year when we will have a FULL vacation in Flordia!

-Happy Monday


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