Re-start - round 2

You know when you get in a rut, and you try to get out of it and then you might not necessarily fall back in, but you can see you're not quiet going the direction you want to .... Well, this is what happened to me.

Life happened. I got busy and then I was ready to get back on track- ready to start back again. And I would.. But then I would struggle to get into a good routine. I ended up hurting my shoulder on the trampoline, so that has been all sorts of not fun with lots of chiro-ing and massage therapy.

My workouts were sub-par, kind of always slacking and regardless of how good the start of my day went with food by the end I was like an unsupervised kid at a birthday party.

I needed to change something up, step out of my comfort zone, but I wasn't sure what.

So, if you are wondering where I have been, I couldn't blog because my mind was just everywhere, not really sure of the direction I was going for 'what's next'.

What some people may not realize is when I hit my 105 weight loss, that was in September of 2013.

So, since that I have maintained fluctuated some depending on the season but always around the same. I wanted to be better though. When I hit that, I remember thinking I could never hit 135 ... But I wanted to try, and I never did.

Well guess what. I figured out what I wanted, and I want to hit 135... But what's more I want to be toner than before.

Right now, I'm fluffier than I like to be, and I do blame that fully on my winter eating.

Just a perfect time to really get aggressive and push myself.

So, what did I decide to do? I hired a trainer to help me with my workouts and diet. After doing this for so long, I want some fresh ideas and new approaches to food. As a full believer in balance, I was so excited to hear about Melissa and her Flexible Eating approach. Meaning you still eat everything ... Including carbs.

My workouts are still at home in my basement using all my Bowflex equipment- just now I have something to follow instead of the same ones I have been doing for years.

The food has been so exciting with how much I am eating! It's more than I ever have.

And the workout was way harder than anything I've done in a long time. I'm just really excited about all this!

I will keep you guys posted on this new kind of journey I am taking. I finally am feeling just excited and ready to take this on!

I hope life has been great for all you too and thanks for being patient with me :)


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