Sometimes looking good, helps you feel good

If you guys haven't figured it out, I LOOOVE workout clothes. Its actually pretty embaressing how much I wear 'athletic wear' when I am not being 'athletic'

Like if you think leggings arn't pants, I am not sure we can be friends, because I would say I own 80% 'gym' clothes' and then 20 percent regular people clothes. I won't even say a number because well ..its slightly embaressing. haha I joke, I joke. But kind of serious. haha. Truth being told sometimes I do still like wearing jeans but chances are if you run into me around town, dropping Penn off at preschool or at the rink I am in leggings, a hat and probably a sweater that's a couple sizes to big. It's like boho chic..but actually just comfy, kind of just ran out of the door.

But I really wanted to share some of my favourites with you guys, because I know how over whelming it can be to look online, or go into a store and be like there are ALL these different styles, which one is best?! Not to mention when I find something I love I feel the urge and need to ensure everyone knows about it!

SO if you are looking for a high waisted, keep all your stuff in, and feel buttery smooth where you honestly ask others to touch your leg so they can feel the smoothness. Then you need to order Lululemons Align pants right now!

Now if your saying:

'Chandell those are 100 dollars, no way are they worth that'

I promise you they are and you will want to wear them everyday! If your curious on sizing, I say true to size, and I wear a 6.

My other total must have is a great sports bra. And if you are looking for something that is going to be comfortable, comes in cute colours and keeps the girls locked and loaded at all times, then Lululemons All sports Bra is just for you.

At $54 dollars it is a pricey sports bra, but again it is always my go to and you can see it here under my tank that I wore for The Shopping Channel.

But my very best recomendation I can give to you all right now- Nike Internationalists!!!

Anthracite/ White&resultback=727 I got a pair before I went to Toronto and I can't stop wearing them and telling everyone about them!

The shoes are soo comfortable and not only do they feel great, they look great too. They are a runner I can workout with and wear casually and not feel like I am full on looking like I'm about to workout.

Now are any of these 'needs' to have a great workout. Absolutely not. But I always say that if you can feel comfortable and feel like you good look when your working out you might just sweat harder.

So have a great week guys feel comfortable and get sweaty!


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