The Importance of Mental Training in Sport

Back to the subject of mental training: I tapped into this in Orlando. This is something that has been a weak spot. I used every visualization technique and positive thought I could delve into. Not having the confidence in sport growing up makes mental training a bit harder. I chose to see each lift as light and successful, as well as see each positive attribute of my training. I wrote things down, I used my mind's eye – whatever it took. In turn, even with some nerves this was the best I felt going into a meet. The human mind plays such a huge role in how we see ourselves and in our performance. I am starting to see this more and more. I hope I can help educate my girls in how important the mental side of sport is. They are beginning to see so many aspects of competitive athleticism from nutrition to cross training and more.

Having great coaches with me and an amazing team really helps as well. They do all in their power to reduce the stress too. There is no friendlier sport than powerlifting. You are there to better yourself, and have your team, as well as other countries. Other lifters cheering for you is a great feeling. A feeling of friendship. This is another reason the sport is so endearing. Powerlifting can be an adrenaline rush to watch as well.

I hope to keep developing my mental training along with my physical training as this was my best meet to date, records set and personal bests. A weeks spent recovering, eating (which also seemed to be part of the mental and physical downtime for me). Now into some physiotherapy, clean eating and ready for the next challenge. Each meet, each set of training exercises is a fresh new challenge.

Orlando Meet Stats:
3 IBSA Blind World Records
Silver medal Classic division
Silver team classic for Team Canada
And amazing lifts by all Team Canada!

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