The smallest decisions can impact your life!

Sometimes it's the smallest decisions that really impact your life, that change everything so quick you don't even understand until after it happens. This is what happened for me.

I ordered a Treadclimber and it has now changed everything!

Trust me I know that sounds cliche... as I was typing it I thought 'ah really, use any other wording!' But I can't… it really has changed everything!

I saw the commercial, and it told me 'Just Walk.' I sure knew I couldn't run so I thought if there was any machine that had my name written on it, this would be it. Fast forward through the weight loss... through feeling better about myself and seeing the results.

I was sitting on my couch in the basement, bored. Lorne was at hockey and Penn was sleeping. Email pops up from Bowflex: 'Share your story and you could win.' This was literally all I read. I hit reply, and put in my story. I knew then I loved this machine and how much of a difference it made for me. I didn't think twice about it. Plus, I honestly thought 'Hey maybe I'll get a water bottle.' Ends up I did get a Bowflex water bottle and way way more!

The amazing experience in LA, meeting the crew, the people, the places. I really don't have words. I will always be so so thankful for that experience and really cherish it. Then seeing the commercial and hearing everyone's amazing feedback.

I thought that's where the story would end with my surprises... Then one afternoon I came home and there was a message on my machine from a guy with Flaman Fitness who went to all these lengths to find my number and asking to please call him back. I truthfully considered not to…. Like what would he want with me?

But I really am so glad I did!

Flaman Fitness brought me on board on their website so I could write, and get back to chatting with you. Then about a month ago they asked what I would think about flying to Toronto to talk about treadclimbers on live TV for the Shopping Channel… I am pretty sure as I read it I laughed and said to Lorne 'uhhhh they know I'm awkward right?!'

(They do don't worry)

So now this crazy roller coaster I am on keeps going!

September 13th I will be on LIVE …let me say that again, LIVE TV talking about my success with my treadclimber for the Shopping Channel. Am I nervous you ask? Oh just terrified.

A) Where will I put my hands?

B) What if I cry?

C) What if I continue to cry?

D) How many times will I awkward laugh?

E) What if I am still crying?

F) What if I fall and hit my face?

G) What if they don't like me?

I think most of these are pretty average concerns especially for an out there, awkward person like me. What makes me feel lots better is they are actually sending me up this week for pre-training at the studio. So here's me hoping they can teach where to put my hands, and lots more helpful tips!

I have said this many times and I will say it again. I am a super average person. I still don't get why, or how this all happened to me and it really does blow my mind every day. If you would have asked me 2 years ago if all of this…the weight loss, the commercial, and now the live TV would happen. I would have told you never ever.

But here we are. So I guess that old saying 'Anything is possible' really is true!

Wish me luck on my training guys! 'Til next week!


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