The workouts you don't want to do are the most important

We all have those days where your workouts feel sub par, and you feel like this Where throughout your whole workout you are struggling to push harder, your tired and you honestly can not wait for it to be over... These are the ones that count the most. No one ever finishes a workout and then says 'Hey I really regret doing that' No you finish the workout and feel way better, more energized, and for me, happier! Sure maybe while you're doing it you are not loving every second but YOUR DOING IT! So when I am having 'those' workouts, where my mind is somewhere else, or I am just feeling gassed, I turn to music. I find a song and I crank itŠsometimes even a quick dance is necessary. Rachel Platten - Fight song This is my absolute go to song whenever I am feeling slow in my workout, sometimes it is even on repeat. It really has such a great message, so if you haven't heard it, it's an absolute must and you need to download it, like yesterday.

Right now here is some more songs I have been listening to:
Gwen Stefani - Use to love you
Elle King - Ex's & oh's
Flo Rida - My House
Rihanna - Dancing in the Dark
David Guetta - Bad
Kayne West - Stronger
Salt & Pepa - Push it
Fifth Harmony - Sledgehammer
Fort Minor - Remember the Name

On Sunday I literally wanted to be doing anything but working out, my house was a mess, I was chilled from being at the rink and just wasn't having my best morning- but I knew getting that workout in would make me feel way better and it did! My mood almost chaged instantly as soon as I was finished. Any workout is still better then no workout, and we are all human and have good ones and bad ones, the point is you keep going, because your next one will probably be great. So drink some more coffee, have a little bit of pre workout but get that workout in!


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