Try activity outside your comfort zone

Allow yourself to step outside the box. Get out of your comfort zone and explore.

I recently went to a conference and learned there are more sports out there than I have ever realized, especially on a high competitive level. The amount of women playing tackle football at an elite level is amazing. We have a competitive handgun team, slalom kayaking - all amazing within their own right. I never would have found powerlifting if I hadn't stepped out of my comfort zone. I think more sports should be introduced and explored so people know what is out there. But the way I see it, if you don't see what you like, go out and try something different. There is a whole world of opportunity, it doesn't have to be competitive, it can be for fun, to relieve stress or to do something as a family.

For me, golf is not my strong suit, but just for something different I think I would like to try disc golf and get the kids to come out and try just as a fun family afternoon. We have nothing to lose by trying and only family time to gain. Seeing the wide array of activity out there I hope my girls choose to experience a variety of it. Maybe they will find something they truly enjoy just as I did with powerlifting. You are never too old to experience new things.

Stepping outside of my comfort zone to train, I remember that being terrifying. Now it feels like a natural occurrence. Until I go to a completely new facility, then I just have to be brave. I believe it strengthens my ability in the end, as it helps me to adapt to changing facilities and environments. It is definitely becoming less scary to step out of my comfort zone or my box. I enjoy it more and more in life. I find all these baby steps are culminating into larger ones, from trying new foods to even speaking in front of strangers.

If you allow yourself all these small steps and get out of your "norm" who knows what you will find? I have met some amazing people and experienced some amazing things and I have a feeling there is so much more to come. If we don't try something new we will never know our full potential, so a little bit of challenge is a good thing. I try to find that in each week, the good challenges. What can you try that's new and can help you grow? YOU define you.

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