TSC is Bringing Me Back!!

Well, it's been a little less then 6 months since I flew to Toronto, and I did 3 shows sharing my story and selling them out of Treadclimbers on LIVE TV for The Shopping Channel!

When I was there, it was such a fun experience - very nerve-racking at first, but fun!

I just had no idea how it would go or if they would 'like' me, how it would show on TV. Not to mention just being on live TV. What would my hands do? What would my voice do?

Read all about my first experience here

Well, they are bringing me back, but this time instead of scheduling 3 shows it will be 7 and the 'Showstopper deal of the weekend' (which I have been told is a very big deal).

I was so honoured they want me back. It was something they talked about when I was there, but you never really know if it will happen! It still to this day amazes me how my life is right now...when I sent my story into Bowflex I truly thought I was getting a water bottle or something. Never in 100 years would I have ever thought I would have a national commercial then all this! My story to me I thought was nothing special, and I really couldn't be more average so it's just beyond humbling when people relate to my story or say I've inspired them. Means so much I can't even explain.

Now I'm not going to lie. I think I am more nervous this time than last, and here's why:

A) 7 shows are a lot..each show is slated to be an hour long and requires me on the machine and talking... You repeat yourself a lot, but you don't want to sound like it or forget things because you think you already have said them. Because each show is usually new people watching.

B) I have been batting with this swelling facial reaction thing for almost 3 months now. With now having a total of 7 breakouts of hives that sometimes last a week. When my face swells up and gets hives, it's really hard to have a good workout because my face gets so itchy when it's hot. So, it has just made my workouts not as consistent as I would have liked. I worry if my body will be 'live TV ready' ha-ha!  Actually, I am seeing the specialist today, so I'm really hoping I get answers!

C) They told me this is a big deal this time! So I'm assuming they want similar results as last time - just on a bigger scale. I feel a bit more pressure. (Not that they have given me pressure, but just how I feel) so I want everyone to be happy afterward!!

So now all that aside, all the nervousness around how the shows will do and if I will feel 'tv body ready' ha-ha.
I am excited!! I have always said how passionate I am about this machine, and how much I truly believe in its results.

If it wasn't for this machine, I know I wouldn't be where I am today, I wouldn't have lost the weight, wouldn't have kept up with my workouts, and most importantly, wouldn't feel better about myself like I do now.

This machine and company, I just genuinely enjoy telling people about and knowing that they can see results too that it makes me excited.

So, my first show is February 13th at 10:00 pm (eastern) then February 14th at:

10:00 am
2:00 pm
5:00 pm
7:00 pm
9:00 pm

So, feel free to tune into The Shopping Channel and watch all my awkwardness on live tv! And if you have ever been considering a treadclimber, what an amazing time to purchase one!

Me and you we got this week! Have a great day, guys!!


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