TSC is bringing me back for round 3!

Well it's crazy to think summer is over, where does time go?! I remember being a teenager and always waiting for time to hurry up, waiting for the next thing and now it seems ever since I had Penn, time goes to fast! Life is always so busy!

My summer flew by, and it's pretty much fall now. In the summer I finally decided what 'I want to be when I grow up'. I have been eyebrow obsessed for years and I finally decided to drive to Calgary and take the eyebrow Microblading course and set up my business BB Beauty Room as soon as I got home. The response was overwhelming in the best way, and I have been so over joyed with how busy I have been.

On top of that, Penn is your typical 4 year old and so busy.

None of this meant that my workouts came to an end. Don't get me wrong, they were not consistent and sure weren't my best, but I still was trying to be active in my life ontop of all the busyness.

At the end of July when I got the call to see if I would be interested in doing a third show I was so surprised to be honest. Not for any reason other then it still shocks me that people want to hear my story. I truly couldn't be more average in my own opinion, to me I'm just a mom and I have a job and I try my best to make sure my jeans still fit ha. I always think that my story really isn't that "special" but maybe that is what's "special"... Maybe that's what's connects with people. That I'm just like everyone else. I'm not a fitness model, I never will be, I am a busy mom who will always love poutines and wine and all things that really aren't the best for you. But I make the time to ensure that I still workout, for me.

Sharing my story with others and the success that the treadclimber gave me, is something I truly enjoy doing. This machine changed my life. It gave me results, it showed me I could do this and it's been almost 3 years and I've kept it off. I can't tell you how humbling and just great I feel doing it, knowing that people are hearing my story and thinking - I could do that too. It warms my heart in a way I can't explain.

And you can! Trust me, if I can, anyone can. You have to start, you have to use it and be consistent and trust the process. And if you are...the results are so worth it!

So Friday I fly to Toronto and I have 4 shows Saturday!

If you are wondering how I have been prepping- I have been working out my 6 days a week and really watching what I eat. No one wants to feel bloated on live tv.

So wish me luck, here's hoping I can keep my awkwardness to a minimum and it all goes well!!

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