Week 2

I don't know why I wasn't smiling in this picture, but regardless I am on week 2 of my new workout plan and eating right and it's going so great!

It's amazing how quickly you can get back into a great grind once your head is in it and your routine is there. This is why I have always said you need to 'want it' - if you don't, it will just continue to be going through the motions and you won't be pushing yourself.

So something that happened this past weekend was I went out. I'm usually a homebody who likes people to come to me, ha-ha, and hang out at my house. But I lined up a sitter up and all that jazz and went out. It never fails and especially in bigger settings like that - people will call me the 'Bowflex girl' and want to ask a bunch of questions. Trust me, I love talking about that experience and how amazing the machine really is and how much I loved all the people.

What isn't my favourite is I'm human. So I worry. I'll start to think, 'I wonder if they think I look the same as I did in the commercial.' But this weekend, I started to 'care less.'

The truth is I think self-worth is so important to your happiness and to your success. And if your mind is always filled with worries of how other people may judge your body or the way you look, then are you really happy? Can you really enjoy it?

I think in a world filled with social media and filters and best angles, we all know how easily the idea of what someone should look like is conceived. And in the end, all that matters is how you feel and your happiness - The truth is I always try to be super real, sure I'm human, so I have those worries and I like pictures where I don't think I look awful. I'll work out harder if I have an appearance or event coming up and afterward, I'll celebrate and enjoy things more. I think that's life, but I will never pretend to have a six pack and be a fitness model. Would I love to? Sure, and I want to work harder now to see where I can get, but I won't sacrifice 'living' and happiness to get there. Let's be serious, I'm the girl working out with a fries cell phone case, ha-ha.

So, here's to happiness, here's to a great week and, my goodness, here's hoping the sun comes out - I'm over the rain! Chandell

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